Exposing prize mill ‘Institute of Public Policy and Diplomacy Research’

Commenting on ‘Institute of Public Policy and Diplomacy Research’ (IPPDR), a source told Blitz that, there are plenty of similar “award-mills” in the United States and other countries in the world, who makes money by selling such awards and prizes.


An organization named ‘Institute of Public Policy and Diplomacy Research’ (IPPDR) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization operating from 733 Third Avenue, Suite 1686, New York, NY 10017, United States in currently hitting news headlines in Bangladesh following a dubious prize-giving ceremony. Although it was reported in the local media that IPPDR has awarded 40 individuals, including Bangladeshi actor Zayed Khan, there is no group photograph of the recipients, except for just two – either on the IPPDR website or any other media outlets.

While news reports in the media also said, “Apart from the 40 awardees, the ambassadors of different countries in the world were present at the event”, Anita Mathur, Special Correspondent of this newspaper has cross-checked the matter and found it to be utterly false.

This newspaper has also sent individual emails to most of the names appeared in the IPPDR website as recipients of its award, asking if they attended the event.

Meanwhile, vernacular daily Kaler Kantho in its report said, US President Joe Biden has sent a congratulatory message for this event organized by Institute of Public Policy and Diplomacy Research.

In response to Blitz email, United Nations (UN) has categorically said, it has no connections either with IPPDR or the award given to Bangladeshi actor Zayed Khan. It also said, ‘Institute of Public Policy and Diplomacy Research’ is not affiliated with the United Nations.

But this information was later proved to be totally false as President Biden neither sent any such message not the White House officials are even aware of any such event.

According to its website, IPPDR describes itself as an “institutional organization that strives to be an academic platform to promote lifelong learning education for all and to train students to develop an economic, political, good governance, leadership, and social system that determines a future that is safeguarded and sheltered toward a sustainable future”.

It further says, “Our main purpose is to support students to develop strategies, and mechanisms through hybrid courses offered so they can form, and implement policies for the welfare of citizens, and government programs that will help them to achieve their goals both on a national and international level.

“We as an institute encourage distance learning students to be exposed to a wide range of modern online learning techniques of their choice such as peer reviewing, class blogs, discussion boards, and Flipped classroom techniques which will encourage self-study, give them opportunities to clarify questions whilst also enabling students to interact, share, and expand their knowledge with each other in the student forum”.

Meaning, it is purely aimed at providing training to its students through “hybrid courses”, which is run by only two individuals namely Dr. Andrise Bass (Founder) and Frédérick Ordines (International Director). Although IPPDR claims to having its “Human Rights Research Office” at CH-1002, VD, Switzerland and “Coordination Office” at L-9746 Drauffelt, Luxembourg, there is no mention of the identity of people in those outlets.

On its website, IPPDR has used a quote from Stephanie Benson, who also is known as Princess Akua Ohenewaa Asieanem of Kokobin, a UK-based Ghanaian international singer and performer who is rooted in jazz music, and she is one of the recipients of award from this dubious organization.

This year, IPPDR has given “Humanitarian Platinum Leadership Awards” to 40 individuals, including a Bangladeshi actor named Md. Zahirul Haque alias Zayed Khan. According to the IPPDR website, other recipients of this “award” are: Professor Gordon Ge Wang, Chairman, Harmony Association, Vanessa L. Gibson, President, Bronx Borough, Ertha Pascal Trouillot, former President of Haiti, Hawa Taylor-Kamara Diallo, Dr. Delois Blakely, Stephanie Benson, Phyllis L. Bindi, Tyler Grosso, Saint Fleur, Carlos Manuel Pérez González, Dr. María Guadalupe Jiménez Armenta, Dr. Jean Louis Bingna, General Obispó Luis Paniagua, Nino Burjanadze, Dr. Gerardo Octavio Vargas Landeros, Natacha Clerger, Janell Pérez Mercado, Rory Mondshein, Rory Mondshein, Dior Fall, Steven Tseng, Sumona Sharmin, Gloria Conroy, Emmanuella Sanon, William Otto, Veruzka A. Scavo Krause, Isaac Reshad, Babacar J. Diop, Steven D. Alston, Dr. Achille Antoine, Rosa B. Ayala, Manuel Oancia, Rashed Ahmmad (American Bangladesh Press Club), Eunide Innocent, Berlotte Antoine, Barbara Trinidad Moreta, Rollande Jolibois, Isabelle Vladoiu, and Michael Terungwa David.

IPPDR website introduces one of its “award” recipients, Isabelle Vladoiu as “International Human Rights Law Specialist and the visionary founder of the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights”. Office of this organization is located at 1250 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC. IPPDR “award” recipient Manuel Oancia is the president of ‘US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights (USDHR)’. He is introduced by IPPDR as “a renowned entrepreneur and international business leader”. In March 2023, Manuel Oancia received ‘Key to the Heart’ award from The Federation of World Peace and Love, which was publicized through a paid press release by USDGR. Except for this single press release this news was not published by any newspaper or online news portal anywhere in the world.

Through a tweet it was also learnt that Manuel Oancia is president of an organization named ‘International Union of Bilateral Chamber of Commerce and Industry’. According to the website of this organization, it is operating through a post box service (PO Box 53325 Washington, DC 20009).

IPPDR is also running another award project named ‘The President’s Volunteer Service Award’, although it has nothing to do with the US President or the White House.

The award-giving ceremony of IPPDR took place at United Nations Plaza, which is located at Midtown Manhattan in New York City. This property was built in 1967 and houses various foreign governments, nonprofits and other businesses looking for high-quality office space. According to information provided by a property renting company, the building houses both office and residential condominiums, which are separately owned and operated. Tenants at 866 UN Plaza have the opportunity to secure a permanent office and lock in their occupancy costs, in a bustling area popular with governmental agencies and international corporations. Moreover, the United Nations rents-out its auditorium on an hourly-basis to various organizations. Holding any event in this auditorium does not mean it has anything to do with the United Nations. Conference rooms are also rented-out by the United Nations to prospective clients.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that a group of professionals purchased a domain on September 20, 2022 in the name of the organization. The domain address is here. Following commencement of its journey in 2022, ‘Institute of Public Policy and Diplomacy Research’ has given “Life Time Award” to a large number of individuals, including US President Joe Biden, although White House has never acknowledged or accepted the award from this baseless organization.

According to the website of ‘Institute of Public Policy and Diplomacy Research’, office of the organization is located at 733 3rd Avenue, New York, 11017, Phone number +1-646-790 5926, while it claims to have its offices in Switzerland and Luxembourg. Surprisingly, it has not mentioned details of its office in Switzerland and Luxembourg, except for CH-1002, VD, Switzerland and L – 9746 Drauffelt, Luxembourg.

Although it purchased its domain only in 2022, this dubious entity claims to be founded in 2017, with Carlos Manuel Perez Gonzales as President, Dr. Andrise Bass as Founder, and Frédérick Ordines as International Director.

Commenting on ‘Institute of Public Policy and Diplomacy Research’ (IPPDR), a source told Blitz that, there are plenty of similar “award-mills” in the United States and other countries in the world, who makes money by selling such awards and prizes.

Following publication of report in Blitz exposing false claims by Zayed Khan, a number of local newspapers such as Jago News and Doinik Jugantor have already removed the news about Zeyed Khan receiving award from the United Nations.

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