Farmers earn more profit by keeping garlic safe for three hundred days


Kanpur (Kanhapur), 27 April (H.S.). Farmers can earn more profit by cultivating garlic by keeping it safe for three hundred days. For this, it is necessary for the farmer brothers to know that the type of soil is examined by an agricultural expert to understand that cultivation of which species of garlic will give good yield. This information was given by Dr. Khalil Khan, soil scientist and media in-charge of CSA on Thursday.

He told that garlic cultivation should be started only after the end of the rainy season. The months of October and November are most suitable for its cultivation. Garlic is cultivated from its buds. Garlic is sown at a distance of 10 cm, so that its lumps sit well. Cultivation by making ridges gives good yield.

Garlic can be cultivated in any field

He told that garlic can be cultivated in any field, but water should not stagnate in it, its crop is ready in about 5-6 months. About 5 quintals of garlic buds will be planted in one hectare field. In which its production is available up to 120-150 quintals in one hectare. In garlic cultivation, the farmer gets more profit in less cost.

Garlic is a very important bulb crop.

Garlic is used as a spice in all the states of the country including Uttar Pradesh. A volatile oil is found in it, which is used to cure various types of diseases, its daily use keeps digestion right and it also reduces cholesterol in human blood. Carbohydrate, protein, phosphorus, calcium etc. are found in abundance in garlic. Apart from daily food, it is also used in making various types of processed products like garlic pickle, garlic chutney, garlic powder and garlic paste etc. With the setting up of processing units, now the demand for garlic remains throughout the year, farmers can increase their income manifold by cultivating it.

improved varieties of garlic

He told that the species of garlic are Agrifound white, Agrifound mountain, Yamuna white-1, Yamuna white-2, Yamuna white-3.

Prepare and sow plants in the nursery

This method is good for adverse, in this method first of all plants are prepared in the nursery, the buds are planted side by side in small beds. After 40-45 days uproot the small plants and sow 15 cm in the field. Row to row and 10 cm. Planting is done at a distance from plant to plant, this type of farming is not done in Purvanchal.

Irrigation Management for Garlic Cultivation

If there is sufficient moisture in the field, do the first irrigation in garlic after one week of sowing, but in case of low moisture, do light irrigation immediately after sowing, irrigate from time to time according to the moisture, when the crop starts maturing. If it goes, stop irrigation completely 10-12 days before digging.

Weeding and weed control for garlic cultivation

Weeding is very important in garlic. Do first weeding after 25-30 days of sowing and second time after 45-50 days. Due to this, the development of roots is good and along with it, weeds also come out. The use of weedicide chemicals is very effective for weed control. This saves the extra cost of weeding. For this spraying of pendimethalin 3.35 liters dissolved in 1000 liters of water within 72 hours of sowing provides relief from weeds for 30 days, due to which the weed does not have adverse effect on the crop and the yield increases.

garlic storage

Garlic storage is a very profitable deal for the farmers, if the farmers want to store their produce, then the government also gives a grant for this. Garlic can be kept for 6-8 months in less than 70 percent humidity and in a ventilated place.

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