February 18, 2023 – Agafya Korovnitsa, Hunger: Traditions and Signs

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On February 18, Orthodox churches honor the memory of St. Agathia, a Christian martyr who lived in the 3rd century. According to the old style, the date falls on February 5th. On February 18, 2023, on the day of Agafya Korovnitsa, the BLiTZ learned about traditions and signs.

Date History

According to legend, Agafya Korovnitsa was born in Sicily into a wealthy family. As a young beautiful girl, she rejected the harassment of the city prefect. He harbored a grudge against Agafya and decided to take revenge on her. Using anti-Christian laws, he subjected her to persecution.

Agafya was subjected to terrible torture, but she did not give up either her moral principles or her faith. After the torture, Agafya was burned at the stake. When red flames engulfed her body, an earthquake began in the city. Residents of the city were frightened and began to ask to put out the fire. However, it was already too late. According to legend, when Agafya was buried, angels descended from heaven to her.

Traditions on February 18

The people called this day Korovnitsa, and Agafya was considered the patroness of cattle, home and protector from diseases.

Our ancestors did not go to the forest on this day, because they were afraid and believed that an evil old woman was waiting for them there. It was said that she could send sorrows and illnesses. Therefore, the whole family sat at home and tried not to go beyond the porch.

The day had another name – Hunger. The peasants were afraid of cow death for a reason. The fact is that usually by this time all the harvested hay was over and pestilence began to walk around the stables. Cows suffered from this in the first place.


It’s cold outside – the summer will be hot. The sun is shining – spring will be rainy. It’s snowless outside – the summer will be hot. Birds are knocking on the window – expect bad news. The mirror broke – unfortunately. A strong wind has risen – next week wait for a thaw.

name day

Name days on February 18 are celebrated by: Agafya, Alexandra, Anthony, Vasilisa, Voif, Evagrius, Yelladiy, Macarius, Mikhail, Polievkt, Theodosius and Theodulia.

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