February 22, 2023 – Pankratia Day: Traditions and Signs

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On February 22, in Orthodox churches, the Monk Pankratius of the Caves the Recluse is commemorated. According to the old style, the date falls on February 9th. On February 22, 2023, on the day of Pankratia, the BLiTZ learned about traditions and signs.

Pankraty Pechersky lived in the 13th century. Little is known about him. According to legend, he spent his whole life in prayer, retired to the caves and led an ascetic life there.

Traditions for February 22

The people on February 22 are also called Pankraty the Lapotnik and celebrate Laptev Day. This time was ideal for weaving bast shoes. Stocks of grain were coming to an end, so the time was difficult. People said: “Not every Pankrat is rich in bread, but our Pankrat is rich in bast shoes.”

Also, the people called the bast shoes woven on this day, Nikephoros, because in addition to Pankratius, Saint Nicephorus was also honored. Such bast shoes were woven high and worn on bare feet.

On February 22, it was customary to check the entire household. Everything that was broken was fixed. It was not in vain that they said: “If Pankratius has the business in his hands, the owner has bread in his mouth.”

On this day, they also monitored the weather, realizing that winter was beginning to come to an end. “The night is dark on Pankratia – winter is running away,” it was believed that the colder this week, the warmer March would be.

Signs for February 22

If the stars in the sky were clearly visible at night, then it was worth waiting for warming. People peered into the sunset: if it was scarlet, like blood, then a snow storm would come soon. If February 22 is very cold, it means that in winter it was no longer worth waiting for cold weather. If on February 22 there were drops and warming, then spring will not come soon, giving way to winter. If you start treatment on February 22, it will help get rid of the disease. Any dream that came on February 22 or on Pankrat’s holiday could become prophetic.

name day

Name days on February 22 are celebrated by: Gennady, Vasily, Jan, Innokenty, Tikhon and Peter.

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