February 25, 2023 – Alexey Rybny: Traditions and signs

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On February 25, Orthodox churches commemorate Metropolitan Alexy, a statesman and diplomat of the 14th century. According to the old style, the date falls on February 12. On February 25, 2023, the BLiTZ learned about traditions and signs on the day of Alexei Rybny.

Date history

In church texts, Alexy is called the Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia, a miracle worker.

According to legend, Alexy once healed Khansha Taidula from blindness. In gratitude, she decided to donate a piece of land to the metropolitan. The Chudov Monastery was erected on this site.

Traditions for February 25

The people said that on February 25 the snow begins to melt, and therefore the fish are well caught.

Our ancestors called February 25 Alekseev’s Day or Alexei Rybny’s Day. On this day, only fish dishes were prepared in order, according to the sign, to bring good luck to the family. The main dish was pies, which were served with fish broth, and during the meal, the broth was poured directly into the pie. A small hole was left on top of the baking, which had to be stretched. So it was more convenient. Hence the name of the pie – pie.

In order to have a bountiful harvest, the peasants were preparing for the planting season that day – they took the seeds out into the street. And the housewives took out the yarn and knitting needles in the cold. It was believed that the cold makes the yarn strong, even and beautiful.

On February 25, they tried not to go on long trips, and also not to talk about their dreams, this was considered a bad omen.


If it is cold during the day, March will be warm and spring will come early. The stars in the sky are reddish – there will be a blizzard during the day. At night, frost on the windows – there will be a sharp change in the weather. The blizzard that day promised a rainy summer. If the day was cold and dry, August will be hot.

name day

Name days on February 25 are celebrated by: Alexey, Anton, Evgeny and Maria.

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