February 25, 2023 – The sixth day of Maslenitsa: Do’s and Don’ts

February 24, 2023, 19:12 – BLiTZ – News

February 25 is the sixth day of Pancake week, which begins on February 20 and ends on February 26. This is the oldest holiday, which is very revered in Russia. The BLiTZ learned about what can and cannot be done on February 25, 2023, on the sixth day of Maslenitsa.

Earlier we already wrote about the prohibitions and traditions of the first, second, third, fourth and fifth days of Maslenitsa. In turn, the sixth day of the holiday is called “Zolovkina gatherings.” Shrovetide Week is slowly coming to an end. We’ll tell you more later.

What not to do at “Zolovkina gatherings”

On the sixth day of Maslenitsa, one cannot quarrel, scold and enter into conflict situations. Anyone who walks on this day in a gloomy mood will lose his luck and risk spending a year in worries and problems. In no case should you give empty promises on February 25, this is a bad omen. On this day, it was also forbidden to eat meat and all dishes with it. It was impossible to forget about Forgiveness Sunday. Since Saturday, people have been preparing, remembering everyone they could offend.

What can you do on “Zolovkiny gatherings”

In the morning, all Orthodox rushed to the temple to pray. It was customary to remember deceased relatives and visit their graves. On the sixth day of Maslenitsa, according to tradition, the daughter-in-law gathered her husband’s relatives. If his sister was married, then her husband’s relatives were also invited. According to the reception in the brother’s house, the qualities and talents of his wife were evaluated. They tried to appease the sister of the spouse with small gifts, tasty treats and flattering words. Relatives gathered at a rich table full of treats. The main dish, of course, was pancakes, which are a symbol of the sun. Pancakes were treated not only to guests, but also to pets and livestock. On this day, it was important to have fun and walk only in a good mood. Thus, people lured happiness and good luck to their home. Public kisses were considered a good tradition of this day: the spouses, in front of guests, thus proved their love for each other. As on other days of Maslenitsa, people went out into the street, people rode sledges, had fun and sang ditties. On the sixth day of the festive week, they began to burn the effigy of Maslenitsa.

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