Flight starts from today to Delhi from new terminal of Kanpur airport, know full details


Kanpur: The much-awaited 189-seater new flight to Delhi will take off from the new terminal of Chakeri Airport from Saturday. Its 50 percent seats have been filled. The announcement to start Indigo’s new service was made by Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia who came to Kanpur on the occasion of the inauguration of the new terminal. Earlier, a 232-seater aircraft was supposed to fly from here, but it was canceled due to non-availability of slots at Delhi airport.

232 seater aircraft was proposed

According to Chakeri Airport officials, before Kanpur, a 232 seater flight was proposed to Delhi. But due to non-availability of slots from Delhi airport, only 189 seater flights have to be started. 93 passengers going from Kanpur have made bookings in 189 seater flight. This number may increase further by the time of flight on Saturday. According to Sanjay Kumar, director of Airport Authority Kanpur, the flight of Spice Jet was stopped till further decision. Indigo has started a new service. Will get its response.

SpiceJet had stopped service for 6 months

SpiceJet’s 90 seater flight used to fly from Kanpur till the last days. SpiceJet stopped this service for six months from last April. The announcement was made by Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia on the inauguration of the new airport terminal building. Flight to Delhi will be started from the city in two-three months. After this, Indigo announced to start air service from the city to Delhi. Like Mumbai-Bengaluru, Indigo is now starting 189 seater aircraft from Kanpur to Delhi.

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The airline had asked for a morning schedule

Indigo had asked for a slot from the city to start the flight to Delhi around 10 am. But due to the busy schedule at Delhi airport, the morning schedule could not be found. The schedule of Spice Jet’s Delhi flight from Kanpur has been allotted to Indigo. Still Indigo is keen to ask for the morning slot. Indigo officials said that they are currently lobbying to start morning flights. It is expected that morning flight can be found in the winter schedule.

Report: Ayush Tiwari, Kanpur

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