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Flow of illegal migrants to Britain increasing fast


Flow of illegal migrants to Britain increasing fast

Anita Mathur

Every day, over one hundred illegal migrants are entering Britain by crossing the English Channel. And members of the human trafficking network are telling the people, “if police [in Britain] catch you, they never send you back. It’s secure to go, no danger”.

Taking undue advantage of the ongoing lockdown in Britain, human trafficking rackets have increased the frequency of sending migrants to the United Kingdom in small boats. The majority of these migrants are of Iraqi, Syrian, Iranian, and Pakistani origin. There also are illegal migrants of Bangladeshi, India, and Sri Lankan origin.

Though the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had promised to “send illegal migrants back to France”, there is no sign of sending these migrants back.

Migration Watch UK has spoken against “criminals” who are exploiting Britain’s “gaps and weaknesses”, which should have been a priority to fix years ago. After Prime Minister Theresa May’s resign over Brexit failure, there was hope that at least Britain would begin cleaning up its immigration problems and closing loopholes, which have provided fertile ground for jihadists.

The ease of entry into the UK via the English Channel is a sad commentary on the state of affairs in the UK today, especially in light of the fact that while all this is going on, police are busy hunting down citizens who are deemed to be defying coronavirus lockdown orders. Even children are being harassed, intimidated and fined, yet nothing is done about Muslim illegals pouring in. The UK government has also recently rejected a petition demanding the release of a report on the ethnic background of Muslim rape gangs. Former Home Secretary Sajid Javid “ordered research into the ethnicity of grooming gangs” as a part of “working to improve the ‘targeting’ of child sex abuse networks and ‘prevention activity,’” as well as assimilation issues. But it looks as if that research will not be released to the public.

The wave of illegal migrants to Italy has also started in the recent days, taking the undue advantage of the lockdown. These illegal migrants mostly are entering Italy via Libya and Malta.

Britain in trouble

Unfortunately, the United Kingdom is going to face tremendous threats posed by the immigrants – both legal and illegal, who are gradually expanding their web of influence in the country. Sitting in Britain, some of those who had obtained immigrant status under Golden Visa offer, are continuing political and subversive activities, while there also are specific allegations against some of those immigrants for having direct links with jihadist and terrorist entities, including Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

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