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Flyers blaming Jews for Kavanaugh allegations


Flyers blaming Jews for Kavanaugh allegations

Aaron Bandler

UPDATE: The same flyers were also found on three other college campuses: UC Berkeley, Vassar and Marist.

Flyers that blamed Jews for the sexual assault allegations against newly sworn-in Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh were found on UC Davis’ campus on Monday morning.

The flyers show a series of figures, including Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), billionaire George Soros and attorney Michael Avenatti, behind Kavanaugh with Stars of David emblazoned across their foreheads.

“Every time some anti-white, anti-American, anti-freedom event takes place, you look at it, and it’s Jews behind it,” the flyer states.

The bottom of the flyer stated it came from the local Stormer Book Club, which are small organizations that support The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website.

Micahel Gofman, president of the Associated Students of the University of California Davis (ASUCD), wrote on Facebook that the flyers “were found all over campus this morning” and that the flyers were “a disgusting anti-Semitic attack.”

“My office is working with administration to investigate this further and we will keep everyone updated as more information arises,” Gofman wrote. ”If any Jewish students are feeling unsafe or uncomfortable on campus today, please reach out and I will connect you with the proper resources, and now more than ever my office is a protected space for you.”

Gary May, the chancellor of UC Davis, said in a statement that the flyers were taken down and they are investigating on the matter.

“The message on these flyers is reprehensible and does not represent who we are as a community,” May said. “In addition, the person or persons responsible violated our posting policy.”

“Our Principles of Community expresses our dedication to mutual respect, understanding, compassion and caring for everyone, regardless of their religious affiliation, culture, ethnicity or gender,” May added. “I ask each of you to uphold those values.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Regina Elenor Fisher

    October 11, 2018 at 06:04

    Living in the the USA it is so easy to become complaisant and think antisemitism is not here. After all America is home to such a diverse population and Jews are just another group living here. Most American Jews living on the east and west cost have never been directly targeted for antisemitism, including myself. To see flyers such as the ones described in this article on college campuses is beyond shocking and disturbing in 2018.
    Blaming the Jews for “ control” of the government, media and banks is nothing new. This was a common propaganda tool used in Nazi Germany to spread hate. It is a dangerous weapon used by antisemitic people to “whip” up hatred. The flyer states when ever you see Anti-American events the Jews are behind it. Nothing could be farther then the truth, as American Jews are patriotic and truly appreciate the freedom they have living here.
    In terms of Judge Kavanah the masses of people who were against his nomination to the Supreme Court on the left, are made up of mostly non -Jews. While it is true that there are many Jewish Democrats here, to say Jews are responsible is absurd, but more importantly shows us that we must take seriously all antisemitic rhetoric /threats; even here in our freedom loving nation.

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