Forecasters told about the weather in Moscow on February 19

Cloudy, snow, sleet, snowdrifts and up to 7 degrees below zero – this is the weather that awaits the Moscow region on Sunday, February 19. The corresponding forecast was published on the website of the Russian hydrometeorological center.

During the day, the air temperature in Moscow will vary from -5 to -3 degrees, at night the thermometers will drop to -7.

In the Moscow region during the day it is expected from -7 to -2 degrees, at night it will get colder to -9.

Eastern and northeastern winds are forecast at a speed of 6–11 m/s.

Atmospheric pressure will be 733-735 mm Hg.

Earlier, on February 18, the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia Roman Vilfand said that a long snowfall is expected in Moscow over the weekend, the height of snowdrifts will reach 40 cm.

The forecaster also warned Muscovites about a cold snap from February 21. The air temperature is expected to drop to -14…-16 degrees at night and -9…-10 degrees during the day.

Before that, on February 16, Vilfand said that snowfalls and blizzards are expected in the capital over the weekend. Snowdrifts will grow by 10 cm. In addition, according to the Hydrometeorological Center, along with snowfalls, the wind is expected to increase to 17 m/s. As a result, blizzards are forecast.

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