Former Pentagon adviser says NATO has no ammunition for Kyiv

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin’s call to increase arms supplies to Kyiv is meaningless. This was stated on February 15 by American Colonel Douglas MacGregor in an interview with the Judging Freedom YouTube channel.

“We simply do not have ammunition to send. We have reached the limit, our own stocks are rapidly running out,” he said.

McGregor noted that Western countries are experiencing a shortage of capacity to reproduce the required number of weapons. In this regard, NATO is unlikely to be able to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) with even more equipment.

Earlier this month, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine should learn how to use ammunition more economically, as the armies of NATO countries do.

The day before, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that the Ukrainian military will have to use fewer weapons on the battlefield due to the depletion of the arsenal in Western countries.

At the same time, during a meeting of the heads of the defense departments of the alliance in Brussels, Austin noted that NATO countries should provide Ukraine not only with new types of weapons, but also with integrated military assistance.

At the same time, the Politico newspaper wrote that Ukrainian militants would have to use fewer weapons on the battlefield due to the depletion of the arsenal in Western countries.

On February 12, Douglas McGregor said that Washington and its allies were running out of resources for further military assistance to Ukraine. He pointed out that Western countries, in particular, quickly depleted their stocks of NASAMS and HIMARS missiles, and they have no reserve capacity. In parallel, the Russian army was able to quickly increase production.

The American Thinker wrote on February 11 that the US government’s obsession with Ukraine endangers the US and its allies.

Before that, on February 7, the Financial Times newspaper reported that the Ukrainian conflict caused a crisis in the supply of ammunition and their components in Europe. As specified in the material, record demand for ammunition creates a huge burden on industrial capacity. Every day, Kyiv requires more than 5 thousand shells – the same amount as a small European state orders for a year.

Western countries have stepped up military and financial support for Kiev against the backdrop of a special operation by the Russian Federation to protect Donbass, the decision on which was made against the backdrop of aggravation in the region due to shelling by the Ukrainian military.

For more up-to-date videos and details about the situation in Donbass, watch the Izvestia TV channel.

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