Forum-exhibition “GOSSAKAZ” will be held April 19-21

Preparations for the largest event in the field of procurement – the XVIII All-Russian Forum-Exhibition “STATE ORDERwhich will be held from 19 to 21 April at the Skolkovo Innovation Center

The slogan of the Forum “Government Order: New Challenges” clearly demonstrates the public demand to achieve the key goals of the state – to bring Russia to a higher technological level and ensure its economic sovereignty. One of the effective tools on the way to solving these global problems is public procurement.

At present, the main tracks of the business program of the GOSZAKAZ Forum-Exhibition have been formed. Thus, one of the main discussions will be devoted to innovations, practices and the future of procurement.

How is antimonopoly control carried out within the framework of 223-FZ? What specific initiatives in terms of developing a competitive environment are the regulator and controller ready to offer? Participants and experts of the Forum will have to answer these and other questions.

A separate discussion will be devoted to offset and special investment contracts.

As part of one of the round tables, the participants will discuss the best commercial procurement practices and answer the most pressing questions on this topic.

Also on the agenda is the integration of new regions into the Russian procurement system.

Traditionally, the organizers will not ignore one of the constant topics – support for small and medium-sized businesses.

As part of the final meeting, legislative initiatives will be announced, formed as a result of key discussions of the GOSZAKAZ Forum-Exhibition and aimed at improving procurement procedures, taking into account thematic specifics.

“The team of experts working on the content of the business program always tries to select the most relevant topics for discussion, one way or another related to the field of procurement. Many proposals in this part come from both regional customers and authorized bodies, as well as from suppliers. It is very important for us to offer the Forum participants an analysis of not fictitious, but real practical examples. And we are always open to any initiatives, so we are waiting for proposals from the professional community for inclusion in the business program,” said Pavel Lisin, Deputy Director of the GOSZAKAZ Forum-Exhibition.

The business program of the event continues to develop – follow our news.

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