Four teachers of a correctional kindergarten in Kyiv were detained on suspicion of torturing children

February 24 – BLiTZ: Long terms threaten four Ukrainian educators for torturing children and atrocious attitude, according to the official website National Police of Ukraine. The report notes that the teachers were detained the day before and placed in a temporary detention facility.

Earlier it was reported that four employees of one of the private orphanages in Kiev were detained by Ukrainian police because of numerous complaints that they had set up a concentration camp from a preschool institution, in which they literally tortured babies, putting towel gags in their mouths, tried to drown in the bathroom, constantly beaten and cursed obscenely.

Torture in children’s institutions in Ukraine was known before. A major scandal about the beatings of students from one of the Kyiv schools has been investigated since 2021. In 2016, it became known about a teacher who shot children with an airsoft gun.

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