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Fraud racket plays new trick centering a murdered Princess


Fraud racket plays new trick centering a murdered Princess

Anita Mathur

Until Blitz had exposed the real colors of David Haigh and another woman named Tiina Jauhiainen, people in the world were admiring them and sending donations generously for the “release” of Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum of Dubai. But in reality, these notorious individuals, as well as few more people, have been making tons of money by pretending to be doing everything to free Latifa from her isolation inside the Dubai royal palace. But the fact is – Sheikha Latifa was killed during early 2019 through extreme physical torture by the female maids inside the palace. Still, David Haigh has no shame in fooling the people through a talk show on an Australian television network, where he claimed – they are closer than ever to gaining Latifa’s freedom (see the video below).

Who is David Haigh?

A con artiste a fraud, drug addict and a habitual liar. In May 2014 he was arrested in Dubai. Haigh claims that he was lured to Dubai under false pretenses by Gulf Finance House (GFH) and their lawyers Gibson Dunn and Peter Gray. His arrest related to allegations of fraud and embezzlement from his time at GFH Capital. According to Dubai Police he is alleged to have embezzled AED23.7 million (about USD6.7 million) from his former employers. The irregularities were allegedly discovered during a routine internal audit.

In August 2015, Haigh was convicted of “breach of trust” and received a two-year jail sentence.

David Haigh was due to return to the UK following his earlier case when on the day of his release, Gulf Finance House filed a criminal complaint that Haigh had abused them on Twitter while in jail. Haigh was acquitted of this charge in March 2016, and returned to the UK a few days later on Good Friday where he gave a series of television and press interviews setting out the treatment, torture abuse and unfair trials he suffered.

In July 2018, Justice Sir Jeremy Cooke upheld a judgment in the Dubai International Finance Centre Courts that Haigh had forged invoices and fraudulently directed funds. Haigh was ordered to pay nearly £3.8 million plus costs, and his counterclaims were dismissed. GFH said it would start enforcement proceedings against Haigh in Dubai and London.

Since then, David Haigh has been running various business activities through third parties and also picked up the case of Sheikha Latifa as a very prospective one as it gives him the opportunity of making tons of money.

Haigh established Du Justice, a charity to provide funds to those in Dubai jails that cannot afford legal representation or food. Du Justice has since been merged with the David Haigh Foundation. But in reality, he has been using only a portion of the hundreds and thousands of dollars that he has been receiving from various individuals by selling the stories of ordeals of people in Dubai prisons. Rest of the money goes into his hidden offshore bank accounts.

Playing foul with Dubai cases?

Lots of individuals like David Haigh and Tiina Jauhiainen are engaged in making cash by pretending as human rights defenders and are selling the case of Sheikha Latifa, Sheikha Shamsa and other detained individuals in Dubai jails. These are purely fraud rackets.


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