Free cochlear implant surgery for two girls in TMH, treatment done through Epid scheme


Jamshedpur. On Sunday, free cochlear implant surgery was done to two girls of the city at TMH. Dr. SP Dubey, Dr. Ajay Gupta, Dr. KP Dubey, Dr. UK Singh, Dr. Binayak Baruwa, Dr. Alok Kumar, Dr. Sanjay Mishra from Bhopal were present among those who performed the surgery. Now both the girls will be able to speak and hear. One girl is Jheel Poddar, daughter of Sonari’s Riya Poddar, while the other girl is Riva, the four-year-old daughter of Sama Parveen, a resident of Mango Islam Nagar.

Lake Poddar could not speak

Jheel Poddar, daughter of Riya Poddar, who sold Idli-Dosa from a handcart in Sonari, could not speak. Audiologist of the city Dr. Sanjay Mishra informed the family members about the Epid scheme of the central government. Told that registration can be done on the website of Mumbai’s Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped. Under this scheme, such children are treated, who are financially weak and unable to speak or hear. Cochlear implant surgery is done for such a child. In Jharkhand this facility is available at Tata Main Hospital (TMH) where cochlear implant surgery is done for common people. A surgery costs about seven lakh rupees. Similarly, Riva Parveen, the four-year-old daughter of Sama Parveen, a resident of Mango Islam Nagar, could not speak or hear since birth. His illness came to light at the age of one and a half years. Both the girls were operated on Sunday under the Epid scheme by the Central Government.

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That’s why this operation

This is the method by which the child’s entire hearing power is artificially transmitted to the child’s brain. Cochlear implant surgery is implanted in the child’s ear through a minor operation. After that it is operated by the specialist and molded in the listening position. This process is initiated during the operation itself. After this, by doing mapping of hearing from time to time for two or two and a half years, the child’s hearing ability is cured. It is worth mentioning that after cochlear implant surgery, children get 100 percent hearing and 90 percent ability to speak. Three such children are born in one thousand, who can neither speak nor hear.

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