French politician Filippo praises Hungary’s position on NATO expansion

French politician, leader of the “Patriots” movement Florian Filippo welcomed on Thursday, March 2, the readiness of the Hungarian parliament to block the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO.

“The Hungarian parliament can block the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO! Bravo to these deputies if they go all the way!” Filippo wrote in Twitter.

He noted that the expansion of the North Atlantic Alliance is tantamount to deliberately adding fuel to the fire. R.T.

On the eve of the Hungarian right-wing party Mi Hazánk (“Our Motherland”) proposed to veto the expansion of NATO. This was stated by party representative Eled Novak during a discussion in the Hungarian parliament on the ratification of Sweden and Finland’s membership in NATO, writes REGNUM.

Novak believes that the admission of Sweden and Finland to NATO will be a provocation and a step towards a world war. He noted that his party is the only one that advocated a veto on NATO expansion. He stressed that Our Motherland has no claims against Finland and Sweden, but noted that “the peace of Europe and a delicate balance are ensured only if Russia and NATO have no or practically no common border,” reports NSN.

On the same day, a vote was held in the Finnish parliament on the adoption of a bill on the republic’s accession to NATO. It was approved, according to the TV channel ‘360’.

On February 18, Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that the ratification of the documents required for Sweden and Finland to join NATO had passed in 28 out of 30 countries. Only Turkey and Hungary did not ratify the documents.

The Russian Foreign Ministry, in turn, reacted critically to the desire of Sweden and Finland to join NATO, noting that in this way the security of these two countries would not be ensured.

24 February Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that a number of Hungarian deputies consider the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO dangerous and urge to analyze the possible risks from increasing the length of the alliance’s border with Russia. According to him, a number of parliamentarians emphasize that if Sweden and Finland are accepted into NATO, the alliance’s border with Russia will increase by more than 1,000 km.

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