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From Anthony Ritossa to Kerry Adler, UAE turns into land of no law

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In posh nightclubs in the UAE, individuals like infamous conman Anthony Ritossa or notorious fraudster and terrorist Kerry Adler are regular visitors, wearing tailored suits holding beautiful Ukrainian, Brazilian or Caucasian female turning the entire atmosphere a global celebrity get-together at Cannes. In those places, wealthy Arabs would compete in shaking hands with Ritossa or Adler, as they pretend to belong to billionaire’s club being regularly featured by a large number of newspapers, including Khaleej Times, Arabian Business, Gulf News etcetera. What no one would generally realize – all of those media shouts are bought in exchange for few hundred dollars.

Although on October 19, 2022, VanityFair gave an extensive description of Anthony Ritossa’s scamming activities, Kerry Adler managed skipping such investigative journalism until recently, when Blitz began exposing his dangerous activities. His son Joshua Adler alias Josh Adler too came into the radar the of investigative reporters of Blitz. As a result, New York Weekly, which published a promotional content about Josh Adler was quickly removed. But paid publicity of Josh Adler in several UAE newspapers are yet to be removed.

Josh Adler who runs a fraudulent company named ConvrtX claims to had attended “the University of Toronto before studying cyber security at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT]”. In reality, his claim of studying cyber security at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is false.

On his LinkedIn profile, Joshua Adler aka Josh Adler  says, he “comes from a line of problem solvers and change makers – his family built several companies, including Sitel, Webhelp and Skypower, which are valued at more than $20B and created over 250,000 jobs across the world. Adler is committed to fostering innovation and fueling job-creating ventures that continue to make a positive impact”.

It further says “His commitment to supporting startups was born out of his own experiences: ConvrtX is the fourth startup Adler has founded. Adler recently launched Open Advisor, a platform aimed at creating an inclusive network to support founders globally, with a focus on championing founders in developing nations. He also serves as an advisor to over 25 startups and is in the process of launching a startup fund”.

Most interestingly, Blitz reporters did not find existence of any company named ‘ConvrtX’ in Dubai. It is not registered with the Dubai or UAE authorities. While despite the fact that Joshua Adler claims “his family built several companies, including Sitel, Webhelp and Skypower, which are valued at more than US$20B and created over 250,000 jobs across the world”, on the website of Sitel and Webhelp, there is no physical address or phone number or any information about people behind these companies. Skypower website gives a contact information as follows:

Skypower, Global Headquarters, Commerce Court, 44th Floor, 199 Bay Street Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5L 1E9, Phone +1-416-979-4635. Email info@skypower.com. ‘Commerce Court’ is a 57 storied building housing hundreds of companies and several financial institutions. Here is the website of Commerce Court.

Blitz reporters did not find existence of any company named ‘Skypower’ in this property.

On his social media profiles, Joshua Adler alias Josh Adler claims to be currently situated in the United Arab Emirates, where “he leads his ventures to empower founders in the Gulf states and globally”.

In the UAE, Josh Adler has been pretending to be the heir to a billionaire family and even follows the lifestyle of fraudulent crypto venture FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) – thus appearing in public wearing shorts and T-shirt. He has hired couple of PR agencies who are helping him getting coverage in the Emirati media against payment. Additionally, these PR agencies are providing details of wealthy young entrepreneurs in the UAE as well as details of young male and female college/university students along with their social media account information. On getting such information, Josh Adler is plots plan of luring these children of wealthy Arabs towards his fraudulent ventures. But the most alarming information about Josh Adler is – he is spreading his nefarious romantic trap on several Arab girls – either through business or job offers. Once anyone steps into his trap, he takes cash under numerous excuses and then – this son of notorious fraudster and terrorist Kerry Adler establishes physical relations.

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