FT: EU airlines complained that they were forced to fly around Russia, unlike China’s air carriers

March 1 – BLiTZ. In Europe, after the removal of covid restrictions, the air travel industry is recovering, but airlines warn that it will be difficult for them to compete with Chinese carriers, writes with reference to The Financial Times “Military Review”.

Many European companies, seriously battered by the COVID-19 pandemic, were waiting with hope for the return of numerous Chinese tourists, but one unpleasant circumstance suddenly became clear. It turns out that Chinese tourists prefer to use the services of their own air carriers and fly to Europe by a shorter route through Russia. For European carriers, Russian airspace is closed.

Thus, the Finnish company Finnair is going through difficult times, which has been actively developing in recent years, offering its customers short flights to Asia. Now her fate was in question – the routes were significantly lengthened and there were no advantages left. For example, the journey from Helsinki to Tokyo, which used to take 9.5 hours, has now increased to 13.

In addition, due to the forced overflights of Russia, the congestion of European airspace has increased significantly. Airports are overloaded, there are constant delays, flights are canceled and rescheduled.

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