Gassiev explains his restraint in the first round of the fight with Balogun

Russian boxer Murat Gassiev, in an interview with Izvestia, commented on his tactics during the fight with Mike Balogun in the REN TV Fight Club tournament.

According to the athlete, at first he studied his opponent, and therefore acted carefully.

“The opponent was very dangerous, very fast and it was necessary to take a closer look at him. This is the heavyweight category. One hit can solve everything. No matter how you prepare, you yawned one blow, missed it – and that’s it. It could also end in my direction, ”Gassiev shared.

At the beginning of the fight on Friday, the Russian did not demonstrate a single outstanding reception, however, already in the first minutes of the second round, Balogun was knocked out with a powerful hook and received the WBA Intercontinental champion title.

Earlier that day, it became known that before entering the ring, Gassiev was asked to stick Russian flags on the equipment. At the same time, the flags of Ossetia were allowed to remain. The European Boxing Union (EBU) insisted on this

The day before, March 2, Gassiev wished his opponent good health before their upcoming fight and expressed confidence that a good fight awaits the audience. At the same time, he noted that he was just starting to take his first steps in the heavyweight category and the opposition was gradually increasing.

The day before, the Russian had told Izvestiya that his rival Balogun should never be underestimated. According to Gassiv, the American is very motivated and set only to win.

In turn, Balogun said that he was well prepared for the battle. The athlete emphasized that Gassiev is an experienced and good boxer, so in a fight with him you will have to make every effort and take advantage of every opportunity.

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