Gay marriage will destroy the family structure in future


Pro. Satya Mishra

Lucknow, 05 May (His.). Gay marriage will destroy the family and social structure. There will be a possibility of mental deformity in the children growing up in such a family and may also have to face embarrassment. There will be a need to define in a new way on tampering with the society. Hindusthan News Correspondent Shailendra Mishra expressed his views when he spoke to sociologists on the future impact of gay marriage on the society.

Sociologist Prof. Satya Mishra said that I personally oppose gay marriage. This is beyond the norm of a normal marriage. He said that same-sex marriage would create divergence in the society in times to come. The continuity of the society will be hindered. Pro. Mishra says that the marriage of man and woman is done for the purpose of procreation, so that a civilized organized society can be operated, which is also in accordance with the law of nature. He said that a family is conceived of a man-woman and children, but in a same-sex marriage, there will be either man-man or woman-woman. Where will the child come from and even if he adopts the child, he may have to face embarrassment in the future. Mental disorders can arise in that child. He will not be able to mature that much. He said that this will destroy the family structure. If the family system deteriorates, the social system will also deteriorate. Gay marriage is an unnatural thought.

Sociologist Dr. Aparna Sengar said that society remains civilized by marriage. This institution preserves the society. It expands the society. Gay marriage will damage the basic system of the society. The system itself will collapse. Distortion will arise.

Dr. Sengar said that the collapse of the system of an organized society would require its redefining. The basic purpose of marriage and family will not be fulfilled. This will create evils in the society. There is no freedom in the society, there will be anarchy. Further rules will be needed to handle this as well.

Anthropologist Prof. Vibha Agnihotri said that marriage in Hinduism has been described as a sacrament, which is a sacred institution. In Hindu religion, the marriage of a man and a woman has been described as the means of procreation, which is also a law of nature, by which society and nature also operate. If this does not happen, then the operation of the family and the society itself will be shaken. In our religion and rituals, the means to fulfill the wishes of marriage has not been mentioned. We have a social system going on, if it is tampered with then the progress of the society will be hindered. There cannot be a child in a homosexual marriage, adoption will have to be done, in which there will be a possibility of mental deformity.

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