Generation of Financial Intelligence: A new episode in Russian about how children understand finances and managing them (VIDEO)


In this episode in Russian, Emily gets acquainted with new interesting aspects of the financial world and discovers details about money.

Fresh from summer camp, Emily is bursting with excitement. For her it was a wonderful experience spent with other children her age from abroad. Because she is passionate about all things money, Emily started a coin collection, collected from most of her friends at camp. And from one of her educators she also learned about the science that studies them – numismatics.

At the same time, Stefan shared with his sister everything he learned about investments, and the examples from their lives were extremely useful for Emily in her preparation for the first hour of “Financial Education”. Uncle Matei, a rich source of information about money and finances , will be her partner in the first lesson.

The partners of this project are:

Ministry of Education and Research;

Junior Achievement Moldova;

State Inspectorate for the supervision of non-food products and consumer protection;

American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) from Moldova;

Financial support of OCN IuteCredit;

The implementing company is BDR Associates Moldova.

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