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February 23, 2023, 18:48 – BLiTZ – News

Marine geologist and science journalist Konstantin Ranks expressed his opinion on the consequences of the earthquake in Turkey, which may relate to changes in water levels. It is reported by

After a large-scale earthquake in Turkey and Syria, social networks are discussing how the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea has moved away. In Venice, there was a transport collapse due to a decrease in the water level, which they are also trying to associate with a natural disaster.

Konstantin Ranks explained that the shallow Venetian lagoon was affected by strong winds from the Alps, which caused the water to drain from the canals. The geologist noted that this will help remove debris from the canals, but you need to act quickly, because the wind will soon change and the water will return to the canals.

Geologist Ranks also refuted the apocalyptic scenario in which earthquakes of this magnitude could cause shallowing of the oceans. The specialist explained that due to global warming and the melting of glaciers, such a scenario does not seem likely to him.

Experts and guests of the Worth Thinking program discussed on the air of the BLiTZ whether it was possible to predict an earthquake in Turkey and avoid huge casualties, as well as how this catastrophe will affect the tourism industry. See the material for more details.

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