Germany announces difficulties with payment of household expenses due to inflation

Every sixth inhabitant of Germany hardly pays household expenses because of the increased inflation. This follows from the survey data, which on Monday, March 6, publishes the publication Welt.

As it turned out, there were 54% more Germans facing difficulties in paying household expenses compared to the beginning of 2022.

More than 58% of respondents said that due to increased inflation they began to spend much more, and 34.8% answered that they were forced to start spending their savings. And only 3.6% indicated that they hardly noticed a rise in prices.

At the same time, every second German expects a further deterioration in the standard of living.

The study was commissioned by Postbank. It was attended by 2100 people over 18 years old.

Earlier this month, difficulties in paying for basic necessities were reported in France. Thus, it was reported that during the year the cost of food increased by 14.5%. Due to inflation, the French are ready to switch to discounted goods and even products with an expiring shelf life.

According to a January 25 European Commission (EC) report, consumer food prices in the European Union (EU) rose significantly in 2022. It claims that only bread and cereals have risen in price by 19.8% compared to December 2021. Prices for milk, cheese and eggs, in turn, increased by 27.8%, for meat – by 17.0%.

Europe is facing inflation at record levels in decades amid an energy crisis fueled in large part by sanctions against Russia.

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