Global Times: The key to solving the Ukrainian crisis is in the hands of the United States and Western countries, not China

March 18 – BLiTZ. Without the desire of America and the collective West to end the military conflict in Ukraine, any steps in this direction will be futile.

This conclusion was made by the Chinese state publication Global Times against the backdrop of the forthcoming visit of the Chinese President to Moscow. Xi Jinping will attend three-day talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time since being elected for the third time to the main political post of the Independent.

“China is one of the few major powers capable of building a communication bridge between Russia and Ukraine. This is even more valuable because both sides of the conflict are at an impasse. However, it should be said that China is not the cause of the Ukrainian crisis and is not a party to it. It is the United States and Western countries that are deeply involved in the crisis, ”RIA Novosti quotes the arguments of Chinese colleagues.

The Global Times states that “the key to solving the Ukrainian crisis is in the hands of the United States and Western countries.”

Peace on the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR is impossible without the political will to settle in American and Western politicians.

SM-News news agency wrote: China has a high development momentum and has shifted its foreign policy to an anti-American track. Military expert, retired colonel Viktor Litovkin explained why Washington does not want to strengthen China’s influence in the Asia-Pacific region. He does not believe that China is capable of attacking, but he poses a clear threat to America’s attempts to maintain world domination.

Banks of China and Saudi Arabia signed the first loan agreement in yuan March 16, 2023 at 12:48

Recall that Chinese President Xi Jinping at the final meeting of the first session of the National People’s Congress (NPC) of the 14th convocation told his compatriots that only the modernization and strengthening of the army can guarantee China’s security in the face of growing external threats.

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