Good weather for air raids – how the Russian Armed Forces will destroy long-range missiles

February 22, 2023, 14:21 – BLiTZ – News

Thanks to the publication of Bloomberg, it became known that the United States will transfer to Ukraine JDAM-ER precision bombs with a range of up to 72 km and GPS guidance.

At the same time, the US Department of Defense did not confirm the shipment of these munitions, but in December the Pentagon reported on the supply of some “precision-guided aviation munitions.” Their model and number were not named.

According to sources in the production of shells, it was about the JDAM-ER. These ammunition can be mounted on unguided bombs weighing from 225 to 900 kg. When the JDAM-ER ammunition has already been dropped, it opens its wings and can fly up to 72 kilometers.

Military expert, captain 1st rank of the reserve Vasily Dandykin, in an interview with a correspondent of the BLiTZ, said that the West also plans to supply the Armed Forces of Ukraine with missiles with a range of up to 300 kilometers.

“They don’t even hide it. Even other countries have already stressed that they can. Among them, for example, Italy. They said that they do not exclude the supply of long-range missiles, ”Dandykin said.

Recalling yesterday’s message to the Federal Assembly of the Russian president, the military expert specified that Putin had said that the greater the distance of enemy missiles, the greater the distance the Russian Armed Forces would go.

“Considering our borders now, these are the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, we can understand where we will go. These things have been talked about for a long time, there are still questions, whether to launch them from hummers or how, ”the specialist emphasized.

Dandykin recalled that there had been shelling in Melitopol in the morning. He noted that in such cases aviation is needed.

“All aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are already destroyed by our Aerospace Forces and Air Defense during takeoff”

“Aviation now rarely flies in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there are very few of them left. As a rule, all their planes are already destroyed by our VKS and air defense at a certain range during takeoff. Everything is caught by the Su-35 and other aircraft. When they have F-16s, then another conversation, ”the specialist explained.

The captain of the 1st rank of the reserve recalled that the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not plan to retreat, He is sure that they will “invent dirty tricks.”

“We have learned not only to shoot down missiles, but also to destroy the missile launchers themselves”

“But we are calm and ready for all this. We have learned not only to shoot down missiles, but also to destroy the missile launchers themselves. It is necessary to do all this in the deep rear and destroy the carriers so that nothing like this happens, ”the DOS interlocutor believes.

Vasily Dandykin believes that bombs should only be dropped from aircraft.

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