Government will make 50 panchayats of Jharkhand a model, will take help of Kerala Institute of Local Administration


50 Panchayats of Jharkhand will be made into models. For this, the Jharkhand government will take the help of the Kerala Institute of Local Administration (Keela). The Panchayati Raj Department of Jharkhand Government will sign an MoU with Keela. Its draft has been prepared by the department. Jharkhand Civil Society (CSO) will also cooperate in this work. The Panchayati Raj Department has also held a meeting with the CSO. The framework for making 50 panchayats models is being finalized.

Keela gives ISO certificate to Panchayats:

Keela also gives ISO certificate to Panchayats. The Center has authorized Keela for this. The Center has written a letter to all the states urging them to certify the panchayats as ISO. The MLAs of Jharkhand and the members of the CSO Forum had recently visited Kerala and got information about the Panchayati Raj system there. Talked to the officials of Keela as well.

Keela will cooperate in many ways:

Apart from this, courses and modules will also be designed by Keela for the training of public representatives of Panchayati Raj. The primary facility of Panchayats will be assessed. Keela will take information about data collection, water facility, health facility and facilities available in the Anganwadi center. Will give information about its improvement measures.

Workshops, seminars and faculty development programs will be organized jointly for capacity development. Exposure visits of selected public representatives and officers will be made. Cooperation will be done in Panchayats in the field of water conservation, livelihood, education, health and social security etc. Information about the use of resources available in Kerala on environment, social, economic facilities and technology will be given to the local public representatives.

There will be 30 thousand per panchayat fee

Keela takes 30 thousand rupees to prepare panchayats to get ISO certificate. This certificate remains valid for three years. In this, the entire system of Panchayats is rectified. Services available in Panchayats are strengthened. Office maintenance is corrected. The system of maintenance of files and other items is fixed.

In the first phase, 50 Panchayats are being marked for getting ISO certificate. In this, such panchayats are being selected, where the chief or his system is active. For this, cooperation has also been requested from the CSO. Its number will be increased in the second phase. Keela’s cooperation will be taken in this.

Nisha Oraon, Director, Panchayati Raj

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