Grassland will be built in Dalma of Jamshedpur, food chain of wildlife will increase


Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary: of Jamshedpur dalma wildlife The forest department has prepared an action plan to reduce the conflict between elephants and humans in the villages adjacent to the shelter and to remove the shortage of wildlife. Now grassland is being developed in the forest area, so that animals can be prevented from coming out through it. Through grass land, an exercise has been started to strengthen the food chain for vegetarian and non-vegetarian animals in the Dalma Century area. It is believed that due to continuous encroachment in the Dalma Century area, the animals living there are not getting enough food in the forest area. This is the reason why elephants and other animals are continuously entering the populated area and are targeting children and cattle. Resentment is also increasing among the people against the Forest Department for failing to stop these attacks.

Work started on effective control of human-wildlife conflict

Due to the increasing human-wildlife conflict, the Forest Department has also started work on its effective control. Adequate food chain will be prepared for all the animals by developing grass land in Dalma Century area spread over about 194 square kilometers. At present, 10 hectares of grass land is being developed in Dalma Century. With the development of these grasslands, the population of wild animals living in Dalma Sanctuary will increase. Apart from vegetarian animals, the maintenance of animals will also be easy. Sufficient prey for food would also be available inside the dalma itself.

New grasslands will develop for non-vegetarian food with vegetarian: DFO

Dalma’s DFO Dr. Abhishek Kumar told that Dalma has already made many grasslands by itself, but it is necessary to develop such new grasslands for vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food. Work has started in this direction. If this formula is effective in preventing human-wildlife conflict and increasing the number of animals, then it will be further developed.

Health Minister Banna Gupta filed defamation case against Saryu Rai, next hearing will be held on this day Grassland will be made

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