Great Lent 2023 – Clean Monday February 27: Traditions and signs

February 27, 2023, 16:59 – BLiTZ – News

Immediately after Pancake week, which lasts in 2023 from February 20 to February 26, Great Lent begins, which will lead to Easter. By tradition, it begins with Pure Monday. The BLiTZ learned about the traditions and signs on Clean Monday, February 27, during Lent 2023.

Maslenitsa is a traditional Russian holiday, which is very loved in Russia. It lasts a whole week, and ends on February 26, Forgiveness Sunday. The essence of this day is a test of humanity and purification before Lent.

Why is the day called Clean Monday

In 2023, the beginning of Lent fell on February 27, and it will end on April 15 (April 16 Easter).

On this day, it is important to ask for forgiveness and forgive friends and loved ones. After all, forgiveness is considered the first step towards repentance, and only having cleansed yourself of your sins with a pure heart and a light soul, freed from the burden of mutual insults and claims, you can enter Great Lent. Therefore, the first day of the Easter fast was called Pure Monday. The event has another name – Zhilyaviy.

What to do on Clean Monday

The first thing our ancestors did on the first day of Great Lent was to go to church for services. After that, it is customary to go home and clean the house. Clean Monday should be truly clean in everything. On this day, February 27, it is important to wear clean clothes, preferably in light colors. Our ancestors believed that dirty old things would spoil the pure atmosphere of the holiday, because not only thoughts are material. In the old days, people went to springs, doused themselves with well water, and also went to the bathhouse. According to tradition, the remnants of food that remained after Maslenitsa were supposed to be fed to birds and homeless animals. If this is not done, then you can bring trouble on your loved ones. Clean Monday is considered a continuation of Forgiveness Sunday. Therefore, on this day it is also important to ask for forgiveness and forgive people who could offend you.

What can you eat on Clean Monday

The first three days of Lent are the strictest. Believers try not to eat at all at this time. Drink only clean water. Our ancestors believed that on Clean Monday after eating, it is necessary to rinse your mouth. If this is not done, then in a dream you can see the devil, get scared and get sick.

The first week of Lent is the hardest. Need to readjust. You can not eat meat, fish, dairy products, eggs and butter. It is also important to review your own and other habits.

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