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Greed and luster are part of Princess Haya’s rowdy life


Greed and luster are part of Princess Haya’s rowdy life

Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

 Jordanian King Abdullah half-sister Princess Haya bint al Hussein is a woman of highest disgrace. Her tendencies and activities in private life are much nastier than any street hooker. No one knows, how many men had become her prey and were ruined being fallen victims. Princess Hays is like those people of the medieval age who were treating people of their opposite sex as mere slaves of desire.

Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has tried during the past 15 years in transforming a not perfect Princess Haya into a dignified individual. But it was her rotten character that has finally proved – no one actually can correct a woman whose tendencies are similar to those street hookers.

From life, if Princess Haya has learnt anything is how to deceive people through her artificial glamour and sex appeal and finally ruin their lives. Being the wife of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, she has cashed the privileges she was enjoying and every time her lone desire was in making tons of money. She lacks minimum human qualities and everything that the world has witnessed in her was just mockery and pretention.

A former domestic help, who has worked inside the palace of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said, “Ever since she was married to the Dubai ruler, Princess Haya was trying to infect western culture into this Arab royal family. Most of the nights she was drinking and getting drunk while was always trying to extract money from Sheikh Maktoum through emotional blackmailing. Marrying her was the biggest mistake of Sheikh Maktoum. Why did she marry a woman who had slept with many men before her marriage? The world will know the real face of this woman one day”.

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  1. Moh

    July 9, 2019 at 07:44

    That she’s alcohol addicted knew whole Dubai, even if the Sheikh tried to hide this fact… Many a time she drove her car being drunk and has been noticed by Dubai Police and securities all over Dubai… We all knew that’s she’s a big alcohol lover. Moreover, she has tried to seduce younger Crown Prince of Dubai the son of Sheikh Mohammed, some sources say, she was in love with Crown Prince Hamdan… Who knows why Crown Prince was reportedly married to his cousin being canceled the engagement many years before with her and speedy flees of this woman from Dubai exactly after marriage…

  2. Mohendra

    July 10, 2019 at 04:28

    Dear Blitz, you didn’t opened America for us.
    All these facts we knew since many years ago.
    We just couldn’t utter it out since she was a wife of the Respectable person ….because if someone sounds out may get imprisoned by the law of UAE for insulting the rulers family members ….
    Her faithfulness, her alcohol addiction, her money extraction from many charity organizations, her receiving millions of dirty money of lobbying worldwide knowing companies that have been introduced to the Dubai Economy we knew all that well without you….
    Actually in the fact she’s the one who ruined the Dubai Economy, she was introduced many scammers and untrusted companies of course for bakshish again
    Poor that Sheikh who was blindly trust this nasty women
    There are some other facts of her that may could impact more scandals around her name but let us keep silent on this …The death of my friend’s mother on her responsibility…..Karma beats her now hardly without getting a revenge….She even skip those fact that her father is well respected worldwide knowing Sheikh- Imam…. Haya, we have nothing to do with Blitz, we find them in Google highlighting the news about you and we just proudly adding the comments, cause we are one of the victims of your rotten behavior, we still have those chats, emails and even your hidden Swiss number you have used at that time !!! You want we open up this fact now ??? You would be prisoned direct without your scandal with your already former husband !!! We know many other facts and proves, how you were insulted the kids of your husband from his Real Loyal Wife Sheikha Hind !!! How you was jealous that your kids are disappearing in public !!! Your words:
    “ Happened the day when the youngest generation will replace the eldest ones “……Your son you give a birth from a street men will replace only the dog in street but not the eldest kids of your former husband’s !!! Wake up fake princess!! Who’s your father in fact it’s still big question!!! The history will open up many facts very soon!!
    Do you remember how you were threatening my friend’s ?! How you were threatening her by Prince Bandar?! But She doesn’t fear anyone but Allah !!! Good luck in the Court !!! But remember my words you will end in poverty….!!!

  3. Cicino Falelashvili

    July 15, 2019 at 15:04

    I think about Rashid, after the wedding of his father and Haya, his relationship with his father was damaged…

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