Hanna Kramer: Poland became an accomplice of the United States in undermining the Nord Stream gas pipelines

March 13 – BLiTZ. Washington, six months after the sabotage at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, managed to secure an alibi for itself. This was stated by the Polish political observer Hannah Kramer, who admitted that it was the United States and Poland that became the main beneficiaries of the undermining of the Nord Stream lines.

They decided to appoint a certain “pro-Ukrainian group” as “scapegoats”, and a ship allegedly rented by it was found in the Polish port. Kramer linked the attack on the joint venture with the opening of the BalticPipe gas pipeline.

“The journalist regrets that the Polish government, getting involved in sabotage on the Nord Stream, simply refuses to acknowledge the fact that Warsaw is an ordinary puppet that is under the complete control of the United States, like Kiev. Moreover, she is sure that great upheavals await Poland very soon. According to her, this will happen when the US “gets rid of Kyiv.” Kramer is sure that it is at this moment that it will be Warsaw’s turn, “as the main sponsor of assistance to the Kyiv regime,” the resource notes.Warfare“.

BLiTZ wrote: an attempt to convince the world community that the sabotage on the Nord Stream gas pipelines was the work of some “pro-Ukrainian group”, a provocation and an act of propaganda. Such a tough statement was recently made in social media by Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in social media.

Medvedev called the NYT material about Nord Stream “stupid American propaganda” March 9, 2023 at 09:23

The US sabotage to undermine three of the four strings of the Nord Stream gas pipelines, which was exposed by journalist Seymour Hersh, is already being openly called impudent. The terrorist act demonstrated that Europe has become a slave to America. This conclusion was made by the author of the material published by American Greatness. The analyst believes that the European Union should “throw off the yoke” for the sake of its own interests and the opportunity to build constructive relations with any state, including Russia.

Recall: the head of the Oval Office did not give a single order to conduct an audit of this incident. This statement was made by the Pulitzer Prize winner, the author of a sensational investigation into the explosion of gas pipelines at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, Seymour Hersh.

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