Harassment of daughter-in-law of high profile family reached the police station, case of dowry harassment on in-laws


Agra. A woman from a high profile family in the district has filed a dowry harassment case against her in-laws. The victim woman has lodged an FIR in the police station Sikandra. It is alleged that more than one crore rupees were spent in the marriage, but the in-laws are still demanding lakhs of rupees and other things. They fight. The police is engaged in the investigation of this matter.

Accused of demanding one crore in dowry

A woman resident of Paschimpuri police station Sikandra has lodged an FIR. According to the FIR, the woman was married to a youth resident of Awas Vikas on 20 November 2021. The victim’s father spent Rs 1.21 crore in the marriage. After marriage, husband started demanding Rs 50 lakh for Audi car and business. When the demand was not fulfilled, he was beaten up. The in-laws started taunting every thing that one crore rupees cash was not given in the hand of the son in the marriage.


41 lakh cash was kept in hand in ring ceremony

The account of the money spent on the wedding ceremony has been given by the victim. The victim said that on April 4, 2021, when the relationship was confirmed, she spent 25 thousand rupees in Haldiram’s restaurant. Ring ceremony took place on 15 July 2021 at Hotel Double Treeway Hilton. 5 lakh 20 thousand rupees were spent in this. Earlier, on July 12, the in-laws were given gold jewelery worth Rs 25 lakh. In the ring ceremony, 41 lakh rupees in cash should be kept in the hands of the husband. Apart from this, four lakh rupees were given for the purchase of clothes and utensils.

When and what was spent on the in-laws, the list was given to the police

On July 20, Rs 80,000 was paid for clothes, Rs 1.55 lakh for husband’s chain, ring finger and Rs 1.35 lakh for mother-in-law’s neck chain for Lagan program. Booked Valley Marriage Home in Paschimpuri for Rs 3.5 lakh for marriage on 26th November. 24 lakhs were paid for the feast of 1500 guests. In this way, including other expenses, a total of one crore 20 lakh 85 thousand rupees was spent.

Accused of keeping a bad eye on father-in-law, forcing him to drink alcohol

The victim has accused her father-in-law of keeping a bad eye and forcing her to drink alcohol and obscene acts. It is also alleged that the husband assaults. Forcibly tries to sign on blank papers. One day everyone together thrashed me and pressed my neck, due to which she fainted.

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