Hardworking women of Jharkhand are capable of contributing to the development of the country: President


Khunti (Jharkhand), May 25 (Hindustan Times). President Draupadi Murmu said that bread, cloth and house alone are not enough. Government schemes like education and employment will also have to be taken advantage of. For this you have to go to the government. Also said that the hardworking women of Jharkhand are capable of contributing to the development of the country. She was addressing the women’s self-help group conference at Birsa Munda College in Khunti on Thursday, the second day of Jharkhand tour.

She said that she is proud to be a tribal woman. Daughters and women have made invaluable contribution in their fields in the country. Women are leading. Due to the power of democracy, today he is present among the people in the form of President. Daughters are performing better than sons. While distributing awards at Rashtrapati Bhavan, he realized the indomitable power of women.

I am from Odisha but blood in my body is from Jharkhand

The President said that I am from Odisha but the blood of Jharkhand is flowing in my body. He remembered Bhagwan Birsa Munda and Phulo-Jhano, who contributed a lot to the country’s independence. The President talked about the facilities available to self-help groups. Also said that I saw the products of the women’s group. Saw the smile on his face. He said that my grandmother was from the house where Joba Manjhi went as daughter-in-law. That’s why I have great affection for Jharkhand. I am fortunate that I have been the Governor of Jharkhand and today I have come here as a guest.

we have to preserve our culture

The President also stressed on the preservation of tribal culture and traditions. He said that there are 700 tribes in India but each has a different culture and tradition. We have to preserve our culture, otherwise we will get lost in the crowd of the world. We have to pass on the same values ​​to our children. As we move forward, it is important to look back as well. He said that Jharkhand has not been developed as much as it should be. Sad to see this. It’s been 22 years since the state remained separate, most of the tribals were the chief ministers. Nevertheless, this is the situation.

The President said that tribal societies set examples in many fields. We bring daughter-in-law to our homes without dowry and give daughters to other homes without dowry. Other societies are not able to follow it. Till date, the dowry system has not ended in the country. Dowry is a demon. In this regard, the example of tribal society is exemplary in the whole country.

The President said that this convention would prove to be a milestone for tribal women. This program will inspire the coming generations to contribute to the nation building process by the women of the tribal community. In the coming days, the products of women groups will get market. It is expected that awareness will spread among women and women will write the saga of development in the coming times. He also mentioned the names of Nikki Pradhan, Salima Tete, Deepika Kumari during the address. Before this, he observed the materials prepared by the women and went to each stall and inquired about each product.

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