Haryana Police’s big action on cyber thug system, so far 20,545 mobile numbers have been blocked


Chandigarh, May 18 (Hindustan Times). Haryana Police has blocked 20,545 mobile numbers issued on the basis of fake and forged documents by attacking the system of cyber fraud. At present, the process of blocking about 14 thousand mobile numbers is going on.

In fact, in the Mewat area, which has become famous as Jamtara of Haryana, the Haryana Cyber ​​Police took major action and sent cyber thugs to jail. 102 teams of Haryana Cyber ​​Crime Police along with five thousand policemen raided 14 villages of Mewat simultaneously. Interrogation of these thugs caught from here and experts in their investigation report identified more than 34 thousand mobile numbers involved in cyber frauds operating in 40 villages and across the state.

According to the report, at present, the maximum number of mobile numbers involved in cyber crimes were issued from Andhra Pradesh and they are being operated in the state to commit cyber crimes. Currently, among the mobile numbers identified as purchased on Fake ID, 12822 mobile numbers have been issued from Andhra Pradesh, 4365 from West Bengal, 4338 from Delhi, 2322 from Assam, 2261 from North East states and 2490 from Haryana state. All the numbers are currently operating from different areas of Haryana, which have been written to the Department of Telecom to block them. The spokesman said that 20,545 mobile numbers issued on the basis of fake and forged documents have been blocked. Apart from this, 14 thousand other mobile numbers involved in cyber fraud will also be blocked soon through the Department of Telecom, Government of India. It is believed that Haryana has become number one in blocking mobile numbers running on fake IDs across the country.

Police spokesman said that at present more attention is being given to such areas and villages from where cyber fraud incidents are being carried out. Recently, the central government had listed 32 cybercrime hotspots in nine states, including Mewat, Bhiwani, Nuh, Palwal, Manota, Hasanpur, Hathan villages.

He informed that the State Crime Branch is currently monitoring all the mobile numbers involved in cyber crime and is taking reports from the districts every day regarding the above. For this reason, at present, Haryana is at the first place in blocking mobile numbers used in cyber fraud.

State Crime Branch Chief and Additional Director General of Police OP Singh said that at present 40 policemen of the state’s cyber helpline team are working round the clock to prevent cyber fraud. Haryana State Cyber ​​Coordination Center has been established in the State Crime Branch in the state as per the instructions of the Union Home Ministry.

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