Healthy food delivery companies to be checked in Russia

The Prosecutor General’s Office and Rospotrebnadzor are asked to check the operation of networks that prepare and deliver food in Russian cities. Including we are talking about Good Food, Level Kitchen, Grow Food, Justfood, Vkusmil, My food. Such an appeal was sent to the departments by the head of the organization “Public Consumer Initiative” Oleg Pavlov. The document is at the disposal of Izvestia.

“We consider it necessary to draw your competent attention to the glaring fact of mass food poisoning that occurred on February 15 in Rostov-on-Don. The culprit was the GOOD FOOD company, whose business is built on the basis of franchising, which allows many individual entrepreneurs and LLCs to operate under one popular brand, ”the appeal says.

The Office of Rospotrebnadzor in the Rostov Region previously announced an inspection of Good Food, a manufacturer of culinary products, in connection with the registration of a group case of acute gastroenteritis in more than 50 people who used culinary products of this brand.

“Given that very little time has passed since the discovery of the first cases of poisoning, we believe that the number of victims will increase and could reach hundreds of people,” Pavlov admits.

The social activist notes that this situation has developed in the conditions of a moratorium on unscheduled inspections. According to him, entrepreneurs have ceased to worry about the compliance of their business with sanitary and hygienic, fire safety and other mandatory requirements.

“There are conditions under which ordering food becomes like playing roulette, where people’s lives and health are at stake. We are convinced that this state of affairs is unacceptable. Otherwise, the frequency of mass poisonings will increase,” Pavlov said.

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Malnutrition: prosecutors asked to check healthy food deliveries

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