Heaps of vehicles seized in Patna police stations, increased risk of fire in the hot sun, loss of revenue


Over the years, a huge mountain of seized vehicles has piled up inside the police stations of Patna. Because of which now in this hot sun, the police is apprehensive of vehicles catching fire. The situation is that now the police personnel are sprinkling water on the seized vehicles in the afternoon, so that any kind of spark does not catch fire. Because if there is a fire then there is a possibility of a big loss.

Seized vehicles have already caught fire

It may be known that earlier the vehicles seized at Jakkanpur police station caught fire, in which two cars and a bus were burnt to ashes. Prabhat Khabar investigated such police stations, where there is a pile of vehicles inside the campus and there is a possibility of fire all the time due to strong sunlight.

junked cars

Vehicles are piling up in the campus of Jakkanpur, Patrakar Nagar and Kotwali police stations. About one thousand vehicles have been seized in all the three police stations and are lying rotting for years. The policemen told that when the vehicles were seized, they were new, now they have become junk.

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The policemen said, if there is a fire then the whole police station will burn

In the context of the vehicles seized in the police station, the police personnel say that the government’s revenue is also being lost due to this. At the same time, if these vehicles catch fire in this summer, it will not be easy to control it and the entire police station may get burnt, because there is neither fire protection system nor adequate water supply in the police stations. Arrangement .

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