Hearing in the Supreme Court on the new Parliament House today, demand to direct the President to inaugurate it


New Parliament Building: A hearing is going to be held in the Supreme Court today regarding the inauguration of the new Parliament House. In this petition filed, the Supreme Court has been demanded to direct the Lok Sabha Secretariat to inaugurate the new building by President Draupadi Murmu. It has been said in this petition filed. The statement of the Lok Sabha Secretariat and the invitation issued to the Secretary General of the Lok Sabha for the inauguration ceremony are in violation of the Constitution of the country. It has been further stated in the petition that- the defendants are humiliating the Lok Sabha Secretariat and the President of the Union of India by not inviting them for the inauguration. She is the first citizen of the country and is the head of this democratic institution.

25 parties can be involved in the inauguration of Parliament House

The participation of 25 political parties is expected in the inauguration of the new Parliament House by PM Modi on May 28. At the same time, according to the information that has come out, 21 parties have boycotted the program. Along with the Bharatiya Janata Party, 18 deadly parties of the ruling National Democratic Alliance, 7 non-National Democratic Alliance parties will participate in this program.

New Parliament Building Controversy: Not calling the President is an insult to his position, said Digvijay Singh

BJP appeals to participate in the ceremony

The BJP appealed to the opposition parties to participate in the inauguration ceremony of the new Parliament building. While appealing, he said- be a part of the historic day of the inauguration of the Parliament with a big heart. Senior BJP leader and former Central Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad described the new Parliament House as a symbol of India’s pride.

Mallikarjun Kharge accused the PM

Before the inauguration ceremony of PM Modi, many opposition parties targeted him. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge is also one of them. Taking aim, Kharge said that the arrogance of the Modi government has destroyed the parliamentary system. The presidency is the first part of the parliament. Not only this, he further said that 140 crore Indians want to know what the government wants to convey by taking away the right of the President to inaugurate the Parliament House?

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