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Hefazat leader Mamunul’s never ending sex scandal

Pro-Caliphate Hefazat-e-Islam, Hefazat-e-Islam, Mamunul Haque


Hefazat leader Mamunul’s never ending sex scandal

Leader of pro-Caliphate Hefazat-e-Islam, Mamunul Haque’s sex scandals and his notoriety of ruining lives of women – mostly those from lower-middle-class families seem to be never ending, as law enforcement agencies and investigative reporters are finding one-after-another girlfriends or victims of Mamunul’s unending luster.

According to latest report, law enforcement agencies have found another lover of this notorious radical Muslim leader. According to sources, Mamunul Haque has been maintaining illicit sexual relationship with another woman from Kapasia area under Gazipur district. Dozens of phone conversation between Mamunul Hauqe and the Kapasia woman has already been obtained by the law investigation agencies.

Law enforcement agencies have got evidence about Mamunul’s illicit relationship with the Kapasia woman, with whom this leader of Hefazat-e-Islam has been continuing sexual relations under false promise of marriage.

The latest lover of Mamunul is a teacher of a local madrassa. She has been living in a house adjacent to the madrassa. Mamunul first came to know the woman during his visit to the madrassa and subsequently he trapped her into his romantic trap. Mamunul Haque is the chief advisor of the madrassa.

As Mamunul continued having illicit sexual relations with her, she had on several occasions reminded him of getting married as such relations are considered sin according to Islam. But Mamunul never listened to her.

Immediately after Mamunul Haque was caught red-handed with Jannat Ara Jharna in a resort, the information about existence of another lover in Kapasia got revealed from Mamunul’s phone conversation with another Hefazat leader named Mufti Enayetullah.

As Mamunul asked Mufti Enayetullah to be in the resort with Mamunul’s lover, Mufti asked “which one. Kapasia one”? Mamunul said “the Khulna one”. This also proves, several Hefazat-e-Islam leaders were collaborating Mamunul is having secret sexual rendezvous with various women.

When Mamunul Haque and his Hefazat men were continuing countrywide terrorist activities in the name of anti-Modi protest, Mamunul Haque is heard calling the Kapasia woman and saying: “Hello I am coming”. In reply the woman said: “Okay, the gate is open”. Mamunul said: “Open the gate and make arrangements [for sexual acts]. Also make sure there is no one else”.

Immediately after leaving the woman’s house, Mamunul Haque called her again. Here is the transcript of the phone conversation:

Mamunul: I am leaving. Got it?

Woman: Okay. Got it.

Mamunul: Why are you whispering like a thief. Can’t you speak loudly?

Woman: Why should be louder?

Mamunul: Hahaha! Good night. After getting fresh [as she had sex with Mamunul], offer prayer and pray for me.

Woman: What happened?

Mamunul: Won’t you offer prayers after getting fresh?

Woman: Hum!

Mamunul: Pray for me during prayer.

Woman: Give me a message once you reach home.

Mamunul: What is the reson behind giving message on reaching home? I have already reached home.

Woman: What happened?

Mamunul: My house is here [possibly he meant, woman’s house is his house].

Woman: Okay. Go!

Mamunul: Okay.

Woman: Assalamu Alaikum!

In another phone conversation, the woman is heard telling Mamunul Haque of spending night outside and she also reminded him of taking her to the sea beach.

Woman: Asslamu Alaikum.

Mamunul: Walaikum As Salam Was Rahmatullah.

Woman: You see!

Mamunul: No.

Woman: Then tell me the plan first.

Mamunul: Can’t say about plan. First need to find time. Tell me what to do if I can find time.

From these leaked phone conversations, it is proved – Hefazat-e-Islam leader Mamunul Haque has been using several women for meeting his sexual perversion.

Mamunuls’ lover Janaat Ara Jharna disappeared

Hefazat-e-Islam leader Mamunul Haque’s lover Jannat Ara Jharna, whom Mamunul falsely claimed to be his second wife has been missing since April 3, 2021. Jharna’s son Abdur Rahman has filed a general diary on April 10, 2021 in this regard with Paltan Police Station.

In the GD, Rahman claimed that his and his mother’s lives were in danger.

Jharna’s diaries with police

While filing general diary, Jharna’s son Abdur Rahman has deposited 3 diaries written by his mother and Hefazat-e-Islam men were trying to snatch those from his possession.

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