Hill: Xi Jinping’s visit causes concern in political circles in the West

March 19 – BLiTZ. Against the background of the confrontation between Russia and the West, there is a strengthening of political and economic ties between Russia and neighboring states, which also have questions about the global West, which is trying to create tension on their territories.

The imminent visit of Xi Jinping to Moscow has caused concern in Western political circles, Hill journalist Ellen Mitchell said. She believes that the meeting with the Russian president will be a challenge for the United States and its allies, who are trying to put economic pressure on Russia through sanctions. In her opinion, the Russian and Chinese leaders will announce their partnership against Western interference in their affairs. This is reported by the publication “Ukraine.ru”.

Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia is scheduled for March 20-22 and will be dedicated to the development of strategic cooperation between the two countries.

In the Ukrainian media, the idea of ​​the dominant role of China in the ongoing processes is traced and concerns are expressed about the possible consequences of the rapprochement between China and Russia for Ukraine.

Putin decided to expand new residential areas in Mariupol March 19, 2023 at 11:24

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