Hindi’s growing strength seen in UPSC results


R.K. Sinha

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination results for the year 2022 came on 23 May this year. Every year after the declaration of the results of UPSC, there has been an in-depth analysis. But there is not much discussion about the fact that this time among the successful candidates, the figure of those who took the exam through Hindi medium has been excellent. This is the best result in the last 20-25 years.

This time a total of 54 candidates have been selected through Hindi medium, in which ranks 66, 85, 89, 105 and 120 are prominent. In this examination conducted by UPSC, Hindi medium students were not able to give expected results continuously for the last few years. Whether it is about selected students or top rank, Hindi medium has always struggled. That’s why it was said that it is almost impossible to pass this most important examination of the country through Hindi medium. But this year 2022 results have been excellent. In a way, they are creating hope for a better future.

Last year in the result of 2021, 24 Hindi medium candidates were successful, this time 30 more than last. That is, the graph of Hindi is slowly improving. Hindi medium topper Kritika Mishra, who secured 66th rank, is a resident of Kanpur. Divya Tanwar has secured 105th rank this time. In the 2021 batch too, Divya secured 438th rank and was selected as the youngest (only 22 years) IPS. Now she has become IAS. In fact, the most important thing in the results this time is that out of 54 candidates who took the exam through Hindi, 29 have achieved this success by taking Hindi literature as an optional subject. Five candidates each were also successful who had taken History, Geography and Political Science subjects. Two students have achieved success through Hindi medium by taking Mathematics subject, out of which one has secured 120th rank.

If we continue the talk of last year, then Ravi Kumar Sihag of Rajasthan became the topper among those who took the exam from Hindi medium with 18th rank. After seven years, a Hindi medium student was able to make it to the top 25 candidates to clear the UPSC. Earlier, Nishant Kumar Jain stood 13th in the 2014 Civil Services examination. Before proceeding further, I would like to mention that former Foreign Secretary of India, Shashank was probably the first candidate in the country to crack the UPSC exam through Hindi medium. He is remembered as a very successful Foreign Secretary of India. Similarly, Delhi Police’s top officer Ajay Chaudhary had also made Hindi the medium of examination in UPSC. He has been a strong police officer of Delhi Police.

Drishti IAS Institute, which provides coaching for the preparation of Civil Services Examination, has a special contribution in this better result. This time more than 54 students selected through Hindi medium have been associated with Drishti Sansthan at some stage or the other. Prominent scholar here Dr. Vikas Divyakirti says that we had started several initiatives a few years ago to improve the result of Hindi medium. For example, a program called ‘Asmita’ has been started to provide facilities to students coming from rural background to live and study in Delhi. Apart from this, in order to improve the results, Hindi medium students are being given special mentorship and library facilities. The result of all these efforts has been that it has become so much better today and it is expected that the result will be even better in the future.

If we move away from Hindi, then the country will have many hopes from the candidates who go to IAS, IPS, IFS and other services. The first expectation from them would be that they should take the benefit of the public welfare programs of the government to the last person of the society. The work of implementing the schemes coming from the government depends on the officers only. They have to see that government programs are implemented properly. Many officers prove to be useless on this front.

Many times honest officers had to lose their lives too. A few years ago, Neha Shourie, an officer in the Zonal Licensing Authority in Kharar town, adjacent to Chandigarh, was shot dead in her office. Neha Shourie was a very hardworking and honest government officer. She did not spare the dishonest ones. He had to pay the price for this with his life. Before Neha, be it Satyendra Dubey, Manjunath or Ashok Khemka, they had to pay a heavy price for their honesty. The government will always have to stand and support its honest officers. Actually very few people like bitter medicine and hard honest officer. Most of the people want government babu to be sold who will work according to them.

However, separate congratulations to all the candidates who have been successful through Hindi in the UPSC exam. It is expected from them that they will prove themselves as excellent officers like Shashank and Ajay Chowdhary. (The author is a senior columnist and former MP

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