Homeless dogs to be banned from shelters

According to Izvestia, the LDPR faction will soon submit to the State Duma a bill “On Amendments to the Law “On Responsible Treatment of Animals and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation”. It is proposed to ban the release of stray dogs from shelters into the street, as they can pose a danger to human life and health.

“Once on the street, dogs unite in packs, which causes a threat to the population. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of homeless animals without owners. It is necessary to take effective approaches to working with stray dogs and, first of all, to protect people from contact with them, ”the explanatory note to the bill, which is available to Izvestia, says.

The authors of the initiative propose to leave homeless animals in shelters until they have a new owner or a natural death occurs.

“Although stray dogs in shelters are chipped and sterilized, there are cases when, after returning to their natural habitat, they huddle in packs and attack people. It is especially sad when such animals attack children, ”Yaroslav Nilov, deputy chairman of the LDPR faction, explained the need to introduce the bill.

In this regard, parliamentarians propose to increase state funding for shelters.

Read more in the exclusive Izvestia article:

Nobody’s animal: stray dogs are offered not to be released from shelters

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