Honey trap cases increased in Bareilly, not only politicians and businessmen, but also the police became victims, the racket was revealed


Bareilly: Honey trap has been revealed in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. Here a woman cheated crores of rupees by trapping not only policemen, businessmen, politicians, even police officers in her trap. She has blackmailed them by making nude videos. The gang had been increasing for a long time. By registering an FIR against the woman, she is being tightened. A few days ago, this woman had complained to an SO of Pilibhit police station in Baradari police station in the name of obscene video calling. A case was registered against him. Happened. The SO was suspended. However, the police had taken possession of the woman’s mobile. There were big revelations from that, but now an FIR has been registered against the accused woman.

open secrets from mobile

The police investigated the mobile. Videos of nude and honey trap were found in it. The accused woman has so far blackmailed many leaders, policemen, employees by calling obscene videos in this manner. A few days ago Sanjay Nagar located in Baradari area A woman named Madhuri Pal, a resident of Pilibhit district, had given a complaint letter to the police officials that Rajeev Kumar Sirohi, posted at the police station in Pilibhit district, committed obscene acts by video calling and when she refused to talk, she was threatened with false charges. .

Social worker opened the front

In the midst of the police investigation, a woman involved in a social organization opened a front against this gang. She appeared before the police officers with full evidence. After this, the police officers understood how this whole gang traps people and blackmails them. Describing herself as a victim, Madhuri Pal had complained against the inspector saying that she is a widow. Her husband has already died. He has two small children. Which she is following in a very difficult way. But what came to the fore these days. Mention of a person named Manoj Pal was found in many places. It is being told that this person lives with the woman by becoming a journalist. Sometimes he is also seen with the woman in the form of an alleged husband. What is the real identity of this person, its investigation has been started by the police.

A case was also filed against Iram

As soon as Madhuri Pal came to know that now her secret is about to be exposed, she filed an application in the police station alleging conversion against Iram and registered a case against Iram Saifi. It has been alleged from Madhuri’s side that a few days ago when she reached her house with her daughter, Iram Khan converted Madhuri and her daughter with the help of Maulana. However, Iram Khan has told all these things as false. The police is also investigating this matter.

2.5 crores by sweet talk

This gang has cheated up to Rs 2.5 crore by talking sweetly to three dozen people so far. Some people are also charged Rs every month. It is being told that this gang already saves some obscene photos and videos of the person in front to protect itself. This is so that the person in front does not reach the police to complain and he becomes completely weak. This also happens because no one is able to complain because of obscene photos and videos. He completely gets trapped in the clutches of this honeytrap gang.

be careful with sweet words

This gang traps people by talking sweetly on the phone. This gang trapped 12 such people in their trap and collected Rs 7 lakh each from them. Apart from this, 20 thousand rupees have been collected every month in between as a week. It is also being told that along with this woman, the alleged husband is also fully involved in this game.

FIR registered in these sections

A woman resident of Cantt of Nakatiya Police Station area has registered a case of 354, 452, 506, 323 IPC against 3 people including the accused woman at Police Station Cantt. Two cases have been filed against the police station Baradari by a woman named in this. Action is being taken on the basis of collection of evidence.

Report – Muhammad Sajid

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