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How much of money those Venezuelan dictators have in Dominica?


How much of money those Venezuelan dictators have in Dominica?

Mustafa Ali Noor

It is known to all that Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerritt now only maintains deeper relations with the socialist nations like Cuba and Venezuela, he considers those cruel and corrupt dictators in Venezuela as his mentors. As Nicolas Madur’s days already are numbered, a report from an intelligence agency suggest that those dictators from Venezuela and other nations have already transferred hundreds of millions of dollar into some dubious business ventures under direct help from  Roosevelt Skerritt. There even are intelligence reports about those dictators using Rosevelt Skerritt as the handler of their dirty money.

Roosevelt Skerritt though obtained higher education in the United States, he has extreme hatred towards America and the West. In his political career, Skerritt has always associated with anti-America and the anti-West bloc. Moreover, he also has joined hands with countries like Iran or terrorist entities like D-Company [operated by notorious terrorist Dawood Ibrahim], Hezbollah or even the Iranian mullahs.

Hezbollah has been using Roosevelt Skerritt as one of its most confident contacts in trafficking narcotics to the Western nations. It is even reported that some of the diplomatic missions of Dominica are compelled by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerritt in involving into narcotic trafficking and their ‘diplomatic pouches’ are being used in this purpose.

Venezuelan socialist dictator Hugo Chavez had extremely cordial relations with Roosevelt Skerritt and now Nicolas Maduro has even much warmer relations with him. Maduro is investing millions of dollars in various businesses including narco-trade through Roosevelt Skerritt, while the Prime Minister of Dominica reportedly has connections with the drug cartels in South American nations.

There had been reports in the international media about the scandal centering Dominica’s diplomatic passport, where it was learned that a Nigerian corrupt minister was issued Dominica’s diplomatic passport by Skerritt. But the international media are yet to report about Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari. Although portrayed by a section of the Western media as “Nigeria’s anti-corruption President”, Buhari and members of his family are amassing huge wealth, most of which are either deposited in offshore bank accounts or being invested into shadowy companies.

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