How to help homeless cats in the yard

February 18, 2023, 18:10 – BLiTZ – News

It’s frosty outside, it’s snowing, and at home a pet purrs sweetly on the couch. Cozy, calm and warm. And at this time, somewhere in a dirty basement, the same purr, only a homeless man dies of hunger and cold. Most animals are born on the street, where they survive as best they can, but there are also those who were kicked out of the house or the animal was lost. Often negligent owners throw kittens into the entrance of a residential building. And another animal was orphaned after the death of the owner and relatives put him out on the street.

It is very difficult for former domestic cats and cats, they cannot get their own food at all, they run after people and meow plaintively. Every animal living on the street has its own tragic fate. And it depends only on you and me what final this fate will have. The public news service figured out how to help stray cats.

As long as there are caring people in our society, there is still hope for saving animals. Situations are different and sometimes there are no ready-made recipes for each, but let’s try to figure it out and find the right guidelines, because whoever really wants to help finds ways and exits to the best of his ability and ability.

How to help homeless cats in the yard

Volunteering is one way to help homeless cats. Find the nearest shelter. Most likely, the shelter staff needs help and they will be happy to accept you into their ranks. There is always a job at the shelter. Examine a homeless animal. Before you start a rescue operation, soberly assess your capabilities. Almost 100% of homeless animals have health problems. As a rule, cats are carriers of fleas, worms, lichen and infections. Healthy may be recently discarded or lost animals. The cat needs to be examined. Call the nearest veterinary clinics and find out which clinic will accept the animal. Most likely, you will have to leave the animal in the hospital. Get ready for big expenses. If you need to take tests, do it directly in the laboratory, the cost will be less. Let money not be the decisive argument for you to save or not to save. You can contact charitable foundations that will definitely help. When the animal recovers, issue a veterinary passport for it. Find a home for a stray cat. If you can take your cat home and make her the happiest cat in the world, that’s the best option. If not, then you need to find a temporary overexposure for her. Information can be obtained from animal protection groups and social networks. Since almost all overexposures are paid, try to quickly find a permanent home for the cat. Contact PR professionals and good photographers. Place an ad on social networks, contact volunteers. Become a curator. Becoming a curator is a little scary, but over time, the process drags on, you just need to be imbued with care and love for the animal you saved. Find a shelter for your cat. Please provide all health information to the host. Follow the agreements – the supply of feed, filler, timely payment, the supply of medicines. Arrange with the owner about the necessary care. Visit the animal by prior arrangement. Warn the owner that you can not give the animal to anyone without your permission. Control the whole process. You must receive reports from the owner about the condition of the animal. Inspire others with your example. Share your experience in rescuing cats and feel free to share on social networks. Be sure someone will be inspired by your example and the chain of help and kindness will become stronger. Make a payment to an animal protection organization or shelter. You can make a small contribution in the form of financial assistance to a shelter or animal protection organization to support homeless animals. You can arrange an auto payment that is feasible for you, which will go to charity every month. Help is never superfluous, it is always needed and timely.

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