How to make a charm with your own hands

February 15, 2023, 21:09 – BLiTZ – News Maslenitsa is a traditional Russian holiday celebrated at the end of February. Previously, we have already talked about what traditions were held at this time. The BLiTZ learned how to make a charm with your own hands for Maslenitsa 2023.

Maslenitsa is a pagan holiday. In 2023, Pancake Week starts on February 20th and ends on February 26th. Our ancestors observed special ceremonies that were held on these days. For example, on Monday they built snow slides, rode a sleigh and made a stuffed Maslenitsa. On Tuesday, the unmarried married their betrothed with the help of a rite of passage from the mountain.

The last day of Shrove Tuesday was called Forgiveness Sunday. Close people on this day asked each other for forgiveness, went to the cemetery and commemorated the dead. They also made charms for Maslenitsa.

Amulet for Maslenitsa with your own hands

Seeing off Maslenitsa is the culmination of the holiday. By burning a scarecrow symbolizing winter, people burned all their sorrows, resentments and failures. You can make a small scarecrow with your own hands.

In order to make a scarecrow amulet, you will need old clothes, rags, threads, cotton wool, wooden sticks or twigs.

First you need to cut out two identical pieces of fabric measuring 15 × 15 cm. Put a little cotton wool in the center of each piece. Wrap them around the stick at both ends. Wrap the cloth around the entire length of the stick. Take a thread and fasten the fabric with it. You should get the hands of Shrovetide. Next, take a larger wand. Fold a piece of woolen fabric several times. Tape it to a stick and cover it with a piece of white chintz. This will be the scarecrow’s head. Make the body of the scarecrow. Just below the head, wind the sleeve from an old sweater or shirt. Next, attach the arms that you made in advance. They should be between the head and the body. Measure a piece of fabric equal to the length of the arms. Make a small hole in the center. Pass it through the scarecrow’s head. Fasten the fabric under your arms at the waist of Shrove Tuesday. Leave the brightest and most beautiful piece of fabric for the skirt: wrap it around the body of the amulet. Gently tie your head with a handkerchief and decorate Maslenitsa with colorful ribbons.

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