How to transport a dog on a train

February 18, 2023, 14:51 – BLiTZ – News

Traveling with a dog on a long-distance train is not as difficult as it seems. To make the trip as comfortable as possible, it is very important to learn about the rules for transporting pets in advance and spend a little time preparing. The public news service figured out how to transport a dog on a long-distance train.

For the transportation of pets on trains in Russia, it is not necessary to issue veterinary accompanying documents if:

transportation is not related to the transfer or sale of the dog; participation in the exhibition is not planned.

If you are going to sell a dog or take it to an exhibition, then issue a certificate in form No. 1, and take a veterinary passport with vaccination marks with you.

It is allowed to transport dogs of large and medium/small breeds in railway transport, but not in all carriages.

Rules for transporting dogs of medium/small breeds

Small dogs are considered to be those that fit in a carrier/container if the sum of the parameters (length, height and width) does not exceed 180 cm. Carriers and containers are placed in the places for hand luggage. Small dogs can ride in a reserved seat or in a compartment. You just need to buy a ticket for the animal. It is important that throughout the entire journey the pet is next to the owner and does not walk around the entire carriage.

Rules for transporting dogs of large breeds

Dogs weighing more than 20 kg that do not fit in a carrier/container with a sum of dimensions not exceeding 180 cm are considered large. Such dogs are transported in a compartment or in some SV carriages. Traveling with large dogs in a reserved seat or seated carriages is prohibited. During the trip, the pet must be muzzled and on a leash next to the owner.

The owner must provide normal care for the pet – feed, water, monitor hygiene, and clean up after the dog on time. No more than two dogs can be carried in one four-seater compartment. Even if a passenger travels alone with a dog in a compartment, he must pay for all four seats. In this case, you do not need to buy an additional ticket for a pet.

A blind passenger with a guide dog can ride in any carriage. The pet must be near the owner without a muzzle and on a short leash. You do not need to buy a ticket or issue a certificate for a dog.

Preparing for the trip

It is necessary to calculate the time on the road so that the pet calmly ate, drank and went to the toilet. Prepare treats, absorbent diapers, veterinary first aid kit, wet wipes, bags, favorite toys, bowls. Get a pet carrier or container for small breeds.

Be sure to walk your dog before landing. Your dog is nervous while traveling – give him a sedative, after consulting with your veterinarian. If the trip is more than a day, think about food. Do not let your dog off the leash while you are walking.

Transportation of an unaccompanied dog

There is a service for transporting an animal by rail unaccompanied. The service appeared in 2021 and is in great demand. For pets, a separate compartment is allocated, where they are placed in cages, containers and transportation. Animals are looked after by a guide.

The sender loads the animal into the car, and the recipient unloads it. During the trip, the guide feeds and waters the animals. They have access to the tray.

Such transportation is allowed for calm domestic healthy animals, not aggressive, accustomed to carrying (dogs of small breeds and other small animals). You can arrange transportation at specialized baggage offices.

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