How to wash stretch ceilings

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Stretch ceiling is a great solution for your home. Despite the antiseptic and protective impregnations, they still need to be washed. In living rooms – about 2 times a year, and in the kitchen – once every 2 – 3 months. Caring for ceilings is easy to do on your own. The public news service figured out how to properly wash stretch ceilings.

As soon as you notice a stain on the stretch ceiling, start washing. Use only soft sponges and lint-free cloths (flannel, microfiber). Otherwise, you may damage the surface or leave a small pile in which dust will get stuck.

Unsuitable means

Hot water. Acetone deforms and discolors the coating. Powder cleaners. Furniture polishes are very aggressive. Vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning function. Bleaches of various types, especially those containing chlorine. Baking soda. Acids and all products that contain them.

What means to wash the ceilings


Before you start washing ceilings, prepare the right detergent.

A solution based on laundry soap is the most budget option. Rub the soap on a fine grater, dissolve it in warm water and apply pointwise to dirty places. Ideal for glossy, shiny and satin surfaces – window and mirror cleaners. The high-quality composition of the product guarantees streak-free cleaning. Apply the product to the entire surface and wipe with a dry, lint-free cloth. Dishwashing gel is ideal for dirt on the kitchen ceiling. Dilute a few drops of the product in a small amount of water and apply pointwise to contaminated areas. Remove grease with a sponge, rinse with water and dry with a dry soft cloth. You can use a solution of ammonia. To do this, in a ratio of 10: 1 (10 parts of water and 1 part of ammonia), prepare the composition. Pour into a spray bottle and apply to the entire ceiling surface. Wipe with a dry cloth. Special professional tools. They are used for heavy pollution or when absorbing odors in the kitchen. Act strictly according to the instructions.

Tool selection

– A bowl of warm water 35 – 40 degrees.

– Stepladder.

– A mop with a flat head or a soft brush wrapped in a soft, lint-free cloth.

– Microfibre and flannel cleaning cloths.

– Soft lips.

– A steam generator or steam mop is suitable for most matte and fabric surfaces, but not all. Check with the manufacturer first.

Ceiling cleaning

On the glossy surface of the canvas, plaque and dust are especially noticeable. Glass cleaner is best for cleaning.

It is necessary to wash the matte ceiling in two stages. First you need to clean the surface with soapy water or ammonia, and then remove the stains.

For ceilings made of printed texture or smooth satin fabric, mild detergents in an aqueous solution are used. Do not spray a lot of liquid on such ceilings. Work with a semi-dry or dry cloth.

General recommendations

Start cleaning from the furthest corner of the room. Apply some cleaning solution and see how the ceiling surface reacts. This is very important if you are washing a stretch ceiling for the first time. Do not apply pressure to the ceiling surface. Control the degree of pressure, try to do it evenly. If the stain persists, wait a few minutes and wipe again. To prevent streaks from forming on the surface, wipe in straight lines in one direction, not in a circular motion. Before cleaning matte surfaces, it is recommended to pre-vacuum the ceiling. You need to vacuum from a close distance, without touching the ceiling. In difficult situations, contact the clearing company or the services of a stretch ceiling installation company.

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