Hungarian Foreign Ministry Szijjarto: the country will not do without gas from Russia and the futility of sanctions

At a meeting in Trebinje, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said that the country would not be able to survive without gas from Russia. Without the Russian side, the Hungarian government will not be able to provide gas to its population. Natural gas from Russia is now the only way for the country to exist.
March 22 – BLiTZ.

In order to change the supplier, in this case Russia, you need funds and a lot of time. According to Peter Szijjarto, the country’s government does not support anti-Russian sanctions and is not going to create a “package”. But the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry recalled that paragraph 10 of the sanctions was already being prepared, which did not force the Russian side to change its rhetoric. In his speech, he questioned the “packages” of anti-Russian measures from the West.

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                        Hungarian Foreign Minister Szijjártó is dissatisfied with the fact that the United States is interfering in the affairs of other countries

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