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IDF destroys grenades thrown by Gaza rioters


IDF destroys grenades thrown by Gaza rioters

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On Saturday, soldiers neutralized the numerous explosive charges and grenades – estimated at 100 – that had been thrown from the Gaza Strip during the riots near the border fence on Friday, the IDF Spokesperson’s Office reported, issuing images of the controlled detonations near the security fence.

As it had done every Friday, Hamas yesterday sent tens of thousands of Gazans to riot by the fence. It is estimated that some 20,000 rioters participated, throwing grenades and explosive devices at IDF soldiers.

According to medical sources in Gaza, seven residents were killed and at least 506 were injured. Hundreds of Gazans marched on Saturday afternoon in the seven rioters’ funerals.

The rioters who operated in several locations along the border, sabotaged the security infrastructure, tried to break through the fence at several locations, and threw more than 100 improvised explosive devices and explosive grenades at IDF soldiers and the perimeter fence.

The IAF carried out two attacks in the northern Gaza Strip in response to the use of grenades and explosive devices.

The IDF Spokesperson on Saturday pointed an accusing finger at Hamas.

“Hamas continues its terrorist activities along the Gaza Strip, cynically using Gaza residents and endangering children sent to the fence as a cover for terrorist activities,” it claimed. Thirty five children and four women were injured Friday’s riots.

“Hamas is responsible for directing the violent acts and for their consequences,” the statement said. “The IDF is determined to continue to act to protect the citizens of Israel against those who want to harm their security. The IDF is prepared to act in the face of similar attacks, and any attempts to carry out terrorist activities will encounter a severe response.”

During the day the terror from Gaza fire continued, as four fires broke out in the Gaza vicinity as a result of incendiary balloons, and were extinguished by firefighting and rescue teams with assistance from the Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority, regional security chiefs and JNF personnel.

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