If the question of the existence of Russia arises, it will be a question for the whole civilization

February 27, 2023, BLiTZ: News If in all seriousness the question of the existence of the Russian Federation arises, then it will be decided not during the hostilities in Ukraine, but together with the question of the existence of the entire human civilization in the future, there should be no double meanings in this area – “we don’t need a world without Russia” .

Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia, shared this information in an interview for Izvestia.

He clarified that the opponents of the Russian Federation are still pumping official Kiev with weapons, and also hinder any opportunity to organize the negotiation process, not trying to realize that their tasks will certainly lead to defeat for everyone, “when you have to forget about your former life for centuries, until smoky blockages will not stop emitting radiation.”

Based on his statements, “the calm power of our great country and the authority of its partners is the key to preserving the future for our entire World.” Western countries continue to have illusions that they can easily destroy the Russian Federation for themselves, but it will not work out like with the Soviet Union, the deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council expressed confidence.

Recall, on the occasion of the anniversary of the Russian special operation on the territory of Ukraine, the Western allies expressed their readiness to support Kyiv for the entire necessary period and, it seems, were considering the possibility of resolving the conflict through negotiations.

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