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Illegal Muslim migrants arriving in Britain amid strict coronavirus lockdown


Illegal Muslim migrants arriving in Britain amid strict coronavirus lockdown

Christine Douglass-Williams

Remember, Britain is in strict coronavirus lockdown, but still illegal Muslim migrants are arriving in record numbers.

Thousands of illegals, mostly from Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, and Iran, keep flowing in, at a time when Britain can least afford it. Once they arrive, they are given VIP treatment and have been filling hotels on the taxpayer dime.

All of this is happening while dhimmi Boris Johnson pretends that it isn’t happening.

“More Illegals Have Landed in UK in September Than Whole of 2019: Report,” by Victoria Friedman, Breitbart, September 25, 2020:

More migrants have arrived in the United Kingdom by boat in September than the whole of 2019, according to reports.

Tuesday’s landings of 393 illegal aliens on English shores made September hit a milestone in migrant arrivals that exceeded the whole of last year. So far in 2020, nearly 7,000 third world migrants have illegally crossed the English Channel from France into British territory on small boats. September 2nd saw the highest daily arrivals, with 416 illegals landing.

While reports vary as to whether last year saw 1,800 or 1,823 people arrive, The Telegraph reported on Wednesday that for September 2020 alone there had been at least 1,880, with days still to go before the end of the month. According to government figures, 2018 only saw a combined 297 interceptions in British waters and landings on English beaches.

The Conservative Party government of Boris Johnson has claimed that it is working with the French government to stop the economic migrants leaving France for the United Kingdom. However, the MP for Dover — a migrant landing hotspot — Natalie Elphicke criticised the French for failing to do more.

“The number of illegal entrants breaking into Britain is unacceptable. More action is needed to stop boats leaving French shores in the first place and turn them back to France.

“Safety at sea starts with stopping small boats leaving French shores in the first place. When boats do launch, they must be turned around at the earliest opportunity, closer to land. Only then will we see an end of the small boat crossings,” the Conservative MP said.

French authorities are reportedly blocking only around 20 per cent of boats that leave their shores, despite the British having paid France some £100 million in the past five years to stop the flow.

Mr Farage was the first to report that rather than intercepting and turning boats back, the French authorities were escorting migrant vessels into British territorial water and coordinating with British authorities for their handover.

Last week, Mr Farage watched a new phenomenon, where not only did the French navy shadow a small boat carrying 16 Afghans into British waters, but abandoned it, with no British authorities in sight. Concerned that the craft was overburdened and taking on water in worsening weather, Mr Farage maintained contact with it until a UK Border Force arrived some 40 minutes later.

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